Tamil Vulgar Rap Song – Da Bitcha’z Song

Well, this song has been circulating around lately and I just thought of sharing it with you guys out there, especially those from overseas! I really like the music of this song, and the way their lyrics are made. If I’m not mistaken, the artist is Rabbit Makfak. As they had mentioned in their song, those goody goody girls, don’t be offended with this song! Seriously, this song is not meant for you, but for those bitchaz! (Ooops, did I just said that?)

Wanna know the whereabouts of this song? Visit PSYCHO.unit now!

Anyway, think twice before clicking the PLAY button!
*Pause the FLASH PLAYER below and let it buffer fully if you wanted to listen to the song without any interruption.

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255 thoughts on “Tamil Vulgar Rap Song – Da Bitcha’z Song

  1. Young, talented guys are misusing their knowledge in the improper way. Thousand condolences for their parents for giving birth and educate them.

  2. Haha radha, think in other ways too! 😆 well da PSYCHO.unit’s track is about some guys or backstabbing friends, about some of our gurls behaving durty a.k.a bitches, baby nurins murder, how to save money/prevention from ah longs wich ends up with suicides, some “advice in Psycho.unit’s style or concepts”. :mrgreen:

  3. well, gurl like Ms.Radha, has to listen deeply to ma track again (if shes doesnt understand ENGLISH. her parents need to send her for a RE-education)..
    and im sorry if its kinda hurt or its related to u you Radha, i cant help it.. ;]
    Well, ur send a THOUSAND of condolences and sayin ma parents should educate me, well fine, ur right in a way,
    but y gurls like u..sorry, some other gurls parents out there, would think if thier only daughter is hideously known as a B****,and enjoyin sendin thier private parts for a “rent service”??
    how would thier parents feel, just think back if ur have a daughter like that ??
    i did this track only in a single believeness if a F***** B**** could chage her character if any one of em could reach the depth of ma song.. thats y i did this track, and i hope u understand that!!

    ill be waitin for ur reply Ms.Radha
    and i seriously expecting an answer from u, i mean it.. psychounit@yahoo.com

    (listen to tha track again before ur judgement..)

  4. first i love the attitude! send the msg to yall ” we dun give a fuck” we do wat we want and rap freelly..! FTW

  5. Rabbit Maffuck actually its about the word you use. For your information the song you sang & your album is only circulated among teenager… 4 example among 13 – 18 years ..! Did you know your album can exploit their mind! For example im juz 17 & i know bout your album 4m my fren whose age about 16 ! So ur target the bitch , kadekaran , & other cannot be reaching !! A’m not saying that what you doing was wrong , coz i know ur cause ! But lets thinking about the group age like me ?

  6. bro vinodx r u trying to tell us that w/o all this song or so call bad influence u n ur fren and all teenagers around gonna b saints in coming years? trust me weve been tru ur age.. FTW

  7. we already warned all the makkez out there, Its fully lyrically explicit album! :roll: & we already announced, think “twice” before “buy” the album or “listen” to tha songs! 👿

    (listen to tha track again before ur judgement..) ➡

  8. Yo wHazZup Guys,
    ma b0y raBBit
    just hit his opInion intHa sonG
    mayBee it huRt ppL
    bUt he his
    daMm saVadI kaiGe
    wat eVer it is……..
    NaLLatha eduthukuVom’kettaTha tHuki poduVom….
    kaVithai guNders for aLive

    UngaL saGa,

  9. well, guys.. i guess the reason i made this song is all about what ive seen experienced in ma whole lyf, ma hommies sufferin of love, som suicide and even gone till now, well for the under aged kids, i just can say that im sorry, in this generation, we are headin way too far and things keep on changin and……even its been warned to you guys that not to listen u guys are doin it, and if ur wonder fingers clicks to ma song, or u have it in ur mobile phone, im sorry!!.. and to ma deareset Bi****s out there,,, i hope this is a lesson for yall.. I prefer to be hated personaly coz of ma songs been unfiltered and durty, coz i just want some parents and some boys who suffered of thier daughters and girfriends to be happy just like your parents

    (and for those who hated me fully, “im not in the stage of our Ms. Shaila Nair” im sumthin different…haahh.. peace)

  10. yaRuda sOnNa nan PudiCha raBBit’ku 3 kalluNu…..
    na kupiDa pOra raBBitku 1000 kalluda…..

    to tHose who’a saYin tHat
    ma bOy raBBit is wRong…..!!!!!
    u pOint me 1—>(onLy oNe)
    iNnocent peRson…wHo didnt do aNy wroNg or any siNs
    in worLd…may Bee (maLaysia)
    cUd yOu???
    ok gUys
    wHat ma bOy did is mayBee wrOng…..
    yOu wonT know uNtiL you Listen fuLLy to tHa aLbuM
    to tHoSE haTerS,
    wUd yoU eVer suPport for oTher MANNIN MAINTARGAL….???
    ok…iF u reLLy suPPort means….
    we respect You……
    we pRoMise…..
    we gIvE yOu nice pIEcE…..


    KEEP IT UP YO…………
    KEP IT UP…………
    ……………………. PUDITCHI CUDDY……………………………
    ………………………….DJ.RABBIT STYLE…………………………………..

  12. cool rabbit ,,i have hear ur song relly cool
    nice karapanai……..new thingz u are presenting to the makal
    not the same crap about love ,,,,,u have attract the media,,
    the youth’s heart this my comment 😎

  13. 😡 😡 😥 😥 😡
    hei…rabbit,fu*ker u……..why u must say bout yogi b and natchatra wth the no nice songs……
    ur fu*kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………………
    be carefull…………..uuuuuuuuuu

  14. 😡 😡 😥 😥 ..
    yogi b and natchatra all d best and d hip hop king in d worlddddd…
    so becarefull ur all to cry…….
    i support gopi n blackash…yogi b d best…..and u go fu*kkkk and suckkkk cs……ha ha ha ha ha……………….

  15. rabbit valga… savadi…. *****mavalenge saavatum…… our support 4 rabbit

    [Comment edited after complaint received]

  16. mista wabbit wules!!! ur wyrics are damn gwud man!! dashyat punyaa kaige!! esp the kadengkaaran!! damn gudd…. ur idea is virgin!! esp the i love u song[ the concept n tha music]… not the lyrics i mean tho its stil the bezt… fuck the haterz!! bitches get lost!! ur idea is damn gud!! v r on ur side!!!!wabbit makfuk woools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Chumma Gun maathiri irukku. Content is important thn the parcel.
    For Those who likes the message in this song, hatts off to it
    For Those who talks about the wat they made this, Get off.

  18. dude shud do more of this kindda songs.. let the thevudiyar punda mavalegal change abit.. fuck those who don’t get along wid it… coz they might be one of d fuckin 50 cents thevudiyar too…
    dude.. dun worry u guys will come up in no time… this is really cool.. I’ve neva thought dat u guys r soo freakin happening…
    this d way man!
    Logez Dev aka Billa
    Jenayah Hidup

  19. For those who think im Downing or “Kutukking” Yogi B, u ppl are wrong.. u guys please listen to the part again or… go to your school and look for ur english teacher…


  20. Emotions can be expressed in so many ways…music has been a proven medium of expressing how an individual or a group feel bout something… its proven exp bob Marley, MGR wit his songs, John lennon etc…All of them express it in their music differently..

    Our guy rabbit just did that….it’s his way of expressing rather then be a serial killer murdering all the b****. How many of u guys and girls out there never got angry and didnt use bad words to release their F**** tensions…????ha???

    I believe lots of tamil guys and girls out there dont even f***ing understand the lyrics of a hindi song but still listen to it and enjoys it…Language got nothing to do wit it…

    Music is like and abstract painting…everybody got their own ways of interpreting it…it’s just Mr Rabbit has been brave enough do it..

    Anybody who listen the song and dont like the lyrics should know to stop listening to it at the first few seconds of the song but you all Arreppe pudichavengala will listen until the end of the song and then complain…that all u guys will do the best..this similar goes to phonographic sites…keita teriyama click pennitien…Tirunthegala..

    pudichiruntha Kelengga, illatti pooooooooooooooongge….


  21. :mrgreen: well i hv listen all ur songz buddy it’z vry meanin full n i do hv d cd vry gud keep it up fren… hope i can meet u 😀

  22. re hi im H A V O C here i like tha pudicikidi song coz itz a meaning full song for teenagers thats all :::”:”:”””:”::”:”:

  23. yoo..rabbit.mac….dat waz a hell of a gud song dat i’ve cum across man…nice job dude…serve u ryte u M**** F***** B****** out ther n the felloq backstabbers…try 2 learn sum gud things 4m diz lovely song n change ur self…well donne mista rabbit(sorry i dun noe ur name)….do cum up wiv gus songs like diz in ya future undertaking…and one more thing wer the hell is ms.radha….she must b one of the person u mentioned in de song……….hahahaha.

  24. 😛 wel guys tis sg is oni 4 bad gals hu are nt followin our cultural so 4 those gud gal u al jus close ur ear n shut up….so rabbit valge

  25. :mrgreen: 😆 😀 😛 :roll: 😉 😆 😎
    WOW!!!! awesome man….
    yea,totally agreeing to u! orang yang kutuk kat atas tu – DO NOT UNDERSTAND SIMPLE ENGLISH N TAMIL WORDS>>>
    great song!!!welll done,n i realy agree wid wht u have say about yogi b;congrats n yap gvin it up 2 u rabbit….
    P.S: TO ms.RADHA>>>>> i know some institutions in malaysia that provide students and KIDS with proper tamil and english education. GO FIND ONE. or contact me. u really need help.

  26. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 you rock mate keep up the good work . although im just 15 but this song doesent hurt me u rock man . how can i buy ur album pls tell me rabbit macfuk. 😳 😛 :roll: 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  27. 😎
    I just wana say smtg to u my dear Rabbit…
    The song sound gr8 but the words are really bad…
    if u use this talent to create a new song sure u will be more popular among ppls…
    Ntg wrong we do but let the thing which we did wrong be a lesson to other,,,,,,
    happy day kaiges,……

  28. 1. reply to —-> ee jesz,dr burn

    I think bout da yogi b part… if i am not miztaken…
    wat i heard was… wen he sayed the name yogi b rap.. i heard the background *yevenda yen thale pera sonnethe.. Pun*** Mavane..
    wen i heard that … i thought he actually did respect yogi b…i dun think they even have any issue here…. but the pudichi kadi song i think we all know some hidden stuff here and ther but i duwan to claim or reveal any name… 😀 all i can say is great job…well i dunno how u guys would accept with my suggestion but thatz wat i think imo….

    and yea last but not least… if u wanna reply or comment… plx get ur facts right…
    if i am wrong i’ll change ma self… will u?

    and to ppl who think that the lyrics are too harsh or would have hurt some ppl who actually was previously or is currently in any of those category that rabbit mentioned… well DIGEST it… if u cant then its simple… dun listen to it… if u guys claim its bad and lyrics are mean or xplizit.. well u should have read the cover with the sign or even stop after u hear the first few lines of da song… if u cant keep ya self out of the song… sorry to say but pls dun make drama here 👿 …

    to the rest who think indians should remain soft and gentle in their words… well tbh… i’m sure u guys would have enjoyed watchin mtv.. even songs 4rm ppl like 2pac,biggie,eminem,50 cent,xzibit r many more… so the word “FUCK” or someother vulgar word 4rm them is digestible? come on guys… letz start thinkin wider and letz all grow up ffs…

    2. reply to —-> Vinodx

    agree that itz bad for kids to listen to all this… but tel me honestly…
    kids nowadayz would have known this wordz way b4 they heard the song…i’m sure u and ya frenz have saw worze things then juz that simple xplizit lyrics on da album…i’m sure teenagerz are CURIOUS… this is the main attitude that makes them try,listen or even do things…the answer for ur question is globalization my fren… tbh i think its not wrong for kids to listen but itz up to them to think for themself at the end of the day… juz coz they heard this doesnt make them bad and juz coz some ppl dun listen to this wont prove that they are nice ppl afterall… if age is the problem here then at wat age should kids be xpozed to the truth out ther? trees are not grown overnight my fren… nurtured 4rm da seed itself…

    well i can b wrong in any of my point up der..
    if u think u cant digest my post.. or u think that i am wrong…
    sorry mate :smile:
    take things cool and think 2wize b4 u decide to flame somethin…
    well thatz it 4rm me… am outta here
    peacz out

    p/s :- still waiting 4 da 2nd album.. gl bro

  29. my comments are not directed to any restraint of creativity

    but come on dont tell me the talents that these ppl have by calling ppl names and talking condescendingly about ppl is wat u have then this is no talent

    i am sorry, i pity them,

    supporting indians i am all for it only if u r good, this is not good in my opinion and sadly i bought this album only to find out that i cant play it infront of everyone

    do u want ppl playing these in streets , come on it really shows how they are brought up this is not civilized by anyway

    yes ppl will find out about bad words every1 will but if u just keep on talking trash then u r trash,(if u call someone a bitch it just reflects u ,that person is not the bitch u r) it will become a chain reaction i am sorry for those who do not understand this , i pity u that u cant think that far and ur life is going to be miserable

    it actually requires some higher understanding and thinking, for those who think that their action only affects them, pls grow up, it affects those around u, ur family, race and the community as a whole

    do u want ppl like these representing our society, NO!!

    yes trees are not grown overnite but its the seed that we put in is the most important, if its defective the tree does not serve any purpose, this does not serve any purpose

    it just instills violence among everyone and thats wat is happening in america , gang banging and stuff , at the end they r losing 70% of babies that are to be born have no fathers,their losing black males to violence and those who they call bitches and hoes are the ones that are taking care of their families while they serve prison,

    please learn from their mistakes and dont make it your own and dont make it a problem for the society

    if every person out there think like this then we will have a picture of our communities future generation,

    just because its happening out there in the so called real world and every one is doing it, doesnt mean u have to reflect that,u have a choice dont tell me we dont have brains to think,

    god has bestowed upon us our mind and intellect and judgement use it, pls dont neglect it

    p/s: in their album they have no real names and no description about them only nicks,no information is given about anything its just shows they know wat they are doing is bad and are not going to be accountable for it.

  30. i smell something on fire.
    You talk so much but you bought the cd?
    Where did your brains fell when you purchased it?
    Other then that i will have to agree with you even though I don’t like anyone here

  31. :mrgreen: Yooo wat`z upp…Guys….

    Aahhh..Mr.Rabbit mac.

    May i noe whr u got tis name???………

    Bt i heard the rabbit names in the (8 mile)movie..

    In tat movie the hero is Eminem …His Frez n his mother call him Rabbit……..So,lastly may i noe whr u gt tis names????

  32. dis song seriously rockz 2 d max !!!!!!!!
    i felt nutin …..n do enjoyed d song , wordz r kinda vulgar though !!
    adore d lyrics lyk hell !!!……..suitz 4 al those f**kin bitch out dER !!!!!!

  33. Well adriana, what u tryin to say is kinda like, this song and the ppl involved are are wrong and bla..bla..bla.. Lemme cut this short!! i guess u got the whole song and/or message wrong. Lemme tell u something.. u deffinately wont be happy if ur best friends or the person u know most, i mean and INDIAN gurl, flirting and f**kin everyone for money here and there or seein at night clubs drinkin and smokin and … u know.. whom they properly known as a BITCH in the society? It hurts u rite?? no.. hmm.. well hmmmmmmmmm..
    i jz can say if u feel right of what u have said, then its right….
    and if u feel wrong………….u cud be wrong!! for ur info.. What rabbit and the team did was a kind of a polish to our INDIAN society, he did not sing a song to support bitches and f**k them just like. It seems u want a clean version song of this?? kakakakaka.. u gotto be kidding…!! u know what, people will anjoy and dance if its a clean one,, and it will be unknown song after a year, if its different and DOES MAKE SENCE, it will deffinately makes people who related to this song such as bitches or etc, will deffinately LISTEN to it and feel a wierd pinch on thier inner hearts but…….
    if this song hurts the BIG, they MIGHT feel guilty and might make them ask BIG TIME inquireis and questions..
    Or not, by gods grace, a lil change might happen!!
    Listen to the Police investigation on the cd, listen when the police man ask him, HOW IF THE YOUNGER KIDS LISTEN TO YOUR SONGS, rabbit didnt answer anything in it,and im predicting that he is taking a Risk and HE UNABLE TO ANSWER the question! well.. i guess thats it, lemme tell u some thing, if a related thing happen to u in your life, u might feel different and able to execpt this song!

    * By tha way who ask u to play this song infront of everyone, and startin to share this here, common sence please.. talk some points here n not a kindergarden stuffs..and finally, lemme ask u somethin..

    Can u unwear a pantist/pad when ur period comes monthy? naah naah.. u cant right, ppl look wierd on u, the same goes here with u.. and u know what?? Period comes for good and it will keep u refreshed..!!!

    think twice adrianna,

    – a gurl who lost a gud friend.

  34. haha! hey misszz radha,
    if u see, always “siapa yang cili dia yang terasa pedas!”
    so, i have nothin more to say after this! if u dun lyk tis song..just shut tha fuck up n start ur ass selliN job iN bb or wateva cheap fuck corridor ur workiN aite! fuck u bitch!
    this song is a BOMB!
    mayb u cant understand tis stuff as we all can see, ur not that educated bitch! so just get ur ass into some skulls or wat!
    Screw all this fuckiN cheap bitchaz who are gettiN high!
    u guys will do very well in future! TRUST Me guys!

  35. yeo rabbit geng…
    i hv a own experiance by d vulgar indians around me :sad: but wif ur savadi tracks let our indian woke up frm that damn fuckin life bro.. 😉 u r rely fantastic… i’l support u!!!! my frenz also agree wif u bro… nalla ketkenum…. 😡 show 2 our people how d other culture tret us…i wai 4 ur second album…u r d best composer that i never haven seen b4 :mrgreen: kaden vaanggere pundeks inte track teye teye ketkanum…savadi makke… hidup psyco unit…u r d best…

    an indian who lookin changes in indian community…

  36. whats all this fighting
    just listen to the damn song if u like it and fuck off if u dont
    dont force ur perspective onto other ppl

  37. guys..u guys must be kidding in the song…trien to be tupac ? come on..if u started to fk about bitches..then we gals gotto start with ammafckaz..
    right..first of all..about ur friend who had commited suicide..its his ajal la..
    yeah..walking along the street..if guys saw a preety gal,you ll be chasing her like a DOG. with the name of love..thats why these gals S**** on his face..
    wake up guys..why r u highlighting on the bad side of a gal ? then who gonna think of their good side ?
    one of my gal had commited suicide as well..fk tha b$@!@. its her ajal as well.
    if we gals started…there is no ending point for guys. raping a 3 year old baby ? is that ur attitude ? yeah mr.rabbit fu$@ singing the song..tell me that he wouldnt fk a 3 year old kid ? he will..
    what i’m trien to say is..stop acting pus@$@..find a proper gal..its ur fault for choosing a b@!$!@..son of B%@#%..

  38. Yo rabbit !!!!!!
    and to all of u out there! fk all of u who thinks that this songs makes small kidz spoil or watever LOL fk off! i agree with bigo gigo! first of all if u know if small kids listen to this song they will get spoilt..why do u ever need to let them listen? if they r good payenZ they wont lsiten to this sogns memangla they already spoilt thats why listening OMG CANT U GUYS UNDERSTAND?WAT RABBIT did was a good job..he is trying to tell the whole fking world wtf is going on.i remember he sayed ” na ellam penggallam bad galz ne sollule”this means he is fking right dammit if he sayed that all gals r bad even me wont agree with him but he got some point in his songs..to all u mofo”Z who think the songs is fking making ur mind dirty THAN GET THE FK OFF dutn listen to the song and wait untill ur own daughter get laid and laid on bed with 100 guys per day….hahaha than come lal listen this songs…rabbit got his own fking rights to kutuk any1 he likes…..he is just telling off his fking experience tru a song..if u cant take it it means u r a bitch too lol..or u r going tru wat is in the song hahahahha..admit it fk it LOLOL….

  39. P.S im only 17 xD hahahahah try me lol..me too gone tru some bitchez! only people who gone tru wat rabbit went tru knows wtf he is trying to say..if u r a nalle payen or pottei payen who always ” god god pls help me god..i wana finger fuk” than sorry to say u reaaly got to go finger fuk hahahahahah

  40. oh yea if u say rabbit is bad and yogi b is good….LOL yogi”s group also got kutuk chakra sonic in thier 6th track right? hahahah DUDE ALL U MOFOZ OUT THERE..EVERY1 IS BAD IT IS JUST ONLY WHETHER IF THEY WANA SHOW IT OFF ONLY OR NOT OMG CANT U UNDERSTAND IT? lalala

  41. 😈 mike! there’s hell lotsa comments up there bt then imma interested with only one! aloha lil miszz jingli! plis bear wit ma lil words aite! haha! hey babe! we aint tryna copy anyone aite! my man mr rabbit stands alone aite! ammfuckaz?? these lines of ours is perfectly describin wat type of cheap lil fuck slut u are! wat tha fuck? ammafuckaz?? these “divine” words shouldnt come out of any human being! nw al of us knw which kindda ungraded cheapfuck bitch u are laday! ajal?? aloha! we’re in tha 21st century bitch! we cant be going tellin around ppl tha cause of our gentlement mr Rabbit’s fren is “ajal”! haha! yo peep! because of fucktards lyk u! poor lil indian guys are dyin u idiot son of a gun! we aint gonna chase u bitchin fucks lyk dogs u stupidfuck! u might feel kindda emo coz by tha way ur crappin here i kindda guessed tat there’s no real guy bhind yo! haha! im soo sori fo ur parents aite! peace fo em’!
    cmon u bitch?? al of us knw tha good side of a gurl! bt then nt everyone knw abt a bitch lyk u! alrite..alrite.. y dont u fuckin create a new album called sunniuniT! haha! ur fren die its cause her careless fuck mistake la?? cmon bitch! both genders have sluts hanging around aite! soo we must use our own fuckbrain to choose! too bad ur lil fren has none! mayb she had bt since she wuz ur fren i dont think so babe!
    haha! if u al start there’ll be never ending point fo us??? wat tha fuck is tat bitch??? haha! dont talk! y dont u start it! haha! i mean atleast try to bitch! useless piece of shit! u bitch idiot! who wil even think abt fuckin a 3 year old baby! u fuckin retarded bitch! how could u even think abt it! u fucktard! haha! bitch u have no proper qualification to advice higher ppl like us u cheapfuck bitch! u idiot! i feel ashamed coz cheapskate bitchaz lyk u advicin our gentlement mr Rabbit! u bitch i bet even if he had a gf it wil be fuckin 1001% better than u bitch! dun get high u idiotfuck! son of a bitch?? haha! atleast we’re sons of bitchez which are higher class than u! i dun lyk condemin ur parents u piece of fuck! bt then i cant blame em too! coz which fuckthang wil knw tat bitch u were in ur moms womb! haha! did tat hurt???!! awww! knw wat??! if u dun lyk it?? y care even listening to it bitch??! haha! fuck off u piece of cheapskte bb fuck!

    ~Logez Dev~

  42. Frankly speaking, the above comment is just too immatured.

    Enough with war of words.

    Rapper-like-thingy-cursing is not our style.Videngge pa.

  43. hahahahahaha..yeah some girls are like thiss…lolz..
    savadi… 😕
    its not sooo decent but some girls need this..and yeah whats all with the fight..jingli..dont like means why u come this site…its ur wish..but come on laaa..be more open minded.soo serious means ur life will suck..i’m feeling pity for u..lolz

  44. cool lyrics for those bitches hurting guys heart..my best friend went in this situation..i can feel their feelings..who say boys no feelings..memang never show but boys more sensetif then boys..for me laaa..anywayz keep it up..and where can i dwnld this song plzzzz 😆

  45. hahaha thug minista bagi nicely to all u bitches out there hehehe..good job man…all ill say is keep going and dunt care for this bitches who dunt even know any shiet..RABBIT GOOD JOB MACHAA!
    xymozz>> 101% votes for rabbit! xD
    i respect rabbit and his friends who have the guts to make this song..damm fucking daring….they dunt even scared of getting caught or what..respect gila gila..machaaaa keep it up nigga! xD

    i feel so happy
    and feel so bored xD
    i wanna do a rap song too HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHHAHAHA

    Here is my rap song :

    If u dare to make pereceney with me..
    Prepare The consequences..
    Dunt b a amma fucking pottei run away when u see us…
    Damm u farking mofo let us approach u…
    Run away when we really really vokeran u..
    You are a amma appa panne sunni u dunt even know us..
    Im so farking bored can u cal ur mama?
    Sunni sappi punde come la farking mande..
    who the fuck are u to talk about all the sette mande?


  47. word up homiezz…..its jus a song man!!! if u like it …listen it again…..if u dnt like it ….den dnt play it back 2 hear da bad wordz….aite…peace out!!! hope my carrot wont be an underground album…..

  48. :mrgreen: Hello Mr,Rabbit.
    Hw r u?. i just wana let u knw that i liked the song.
    it make sense and it’s the truth…but ppl do comment bcoz they cannot accept the truth..u do apology to those good gurlz.and i liked it very much..i like the respect that u still have for those gud gurlz..thank u..
    wish you all the best and god bless….

    take care.

  49. 😈
    yo man! wassuupp!
    ey lil man durai
    i didnt mean 2 screw up al tha lil gurls out here man
    i knw wat i did wuz kindda wrong aite
    bt then, ive stated tat im damn bloodie sori in ma last comment too!
    c’mon man
    who likes our indian girls 2 be fuckin 50 cents sluts man??!
    dun condem our rap business alrite!
    al of us are goin on in one motive k
    change our indian girls tats al!
    n to tha otha beauty hawt good nice indian gurls out there!
    imma soo into u guys! haha!
    i didnt mean 2 be racist aite.. coz al of tha indian gurl thiggy aite!
    chao tc!
    peace man
    n by tha way!
    thanxxx lil Xymozz
    we gonna trippin by tha side! haha!

    ~Logez Dev~

  50. Lil man Durai ? 😆
    What was that supposed to be mean ?
    I don’t understand most of the part on what you’re trying to convey bro.

    I did not condemn rap business at all my brother.

    And please exclude me from the ‘motive-of-changing-Indian-girls-thing’, because I’ve never been interested in changing how others lead their life.

    Cool brother… 😎

  51. 😈
    haha! yo man! i din mean 2 make u look “small” by sayin nat! sowie aite! chill man.. as long as u get ma lil point out there is enuf man!
    well im nt into tis changin thiggy too! bt y stop tha person who’s doin it wen we cant man?? haha! tha best that we chud chip in is our lil support to ma bro mR rabbit aite!
    peace man! we are indians! ppl shud be jealous of us man! haha!
    alrite my unknown brotha frm anotha motha! tc aite!
    may god bless u man!

    ~Logez Dev~

  52. Dei thugminista…
    .hahah dei dunt worry xD all ill say is i know u guys r trying to change the mentality of some indian gals out there..i know not all indian gals r like taht but still there is still a great amount and numebrs of those kinda biches there…eventho have some people got a fucking problem with u dunt give a damm to them :) all ill say is u and rabbit doing a good job…i wonder why u care so much about other people who condemms rabbit and ur team…who gives a fuk to em? LOL …they got a pain in thier ass bcoz mayb they r 1 of the type og gals u r mentioning in the song HAHAHA thatz why they sakit xD LOL…and 1 more thing THUGMINISTA i respect u and ur team not just because os the songs but also ur courage to come down in the website and debate with some MOFO”Z …..no other people will do this….i still respect u guys xD :) ariasss

  53. 😈
    haha! yeah man!
    im soo tired of this stuff man!
    bt ma man mR Rabbit here is all out fo this man!
    i dun gv a fuck 2 ppl who hv prob wit me man??
    x puas mari jumpa terus! haha!
    i hv to cover my clan member la dude
    mr Rabbit is sum1 i’ll stand up fo man!
    any1 gt prob wit tat?? fuck yall! haha!
    yeah man… u see mosts of em’ which condem on this song are fuckin bitchaz orr non-educated lil fucks man..
    yo man.. its k dude
    no need 2 mention nat man! haha
    ur makin me blush! haha!
    nevam.. atleast ive alredi gt anotha new member in ma clan! haha!
    alrite man!

    ~Logez Dev~


  54. talking about jumpa terus when got problems who dares to do that? haha nowadays people like to talk bad behind and act good infront of u..when u comes to problem they say “NO..NO..NO” haha i met so many people like this la dude hehehe…people who dunt dare to come infront and talk to the face but kutuk from bhind….hahah xD cover ur clan member uh? xD good good :) xD anyways good luck for ur second album dude..i heard the second album is gonna b out soon hehe..good luck xD keep it up xD no worries dude…u r only hearing people condeming u …..dunt worry they r only a small amount of people who condemms u ..u dunt know my friends so many of them knows u and ur clan….cakap nama psycho je all knows..so dunt worry ..the amount of people who supports u is 100x more than those who hates u …HAHAHAHAHHA who gives a fuk now man? xD chill….

  55. 😈
    yo man..
    yeah man! its damn true!
    not everyone is a gangsta! most of em’ are just wanna-B’s! haha
    yo peep! ur rite man..
    i knw tat.. al tha ppl who understand n could keep up to our step will knw tha meaning bhind tis great awesome song man! imma expressin ma gratitude to ma man mR Rabbit fo tis awesome song!
    yeah i think so man.. it’ll be out soon enuf! just stick around aite!
    i dun gv a fuck abt ppl condemin man.. i just wanna ans al these kindda stupids fucks! or nt they’ll be out there messing our names!
    thanxxx fo al tha support man!
    u see.. when i ans al tha comments up there.. they cant battle wit me back man! its coz tha song is al abt truth n wats happening in our community nwdays man!

    ~Logez Dev~


  56. wokie guyz lets me end this word war!
    with one info/news! lol supposed to be up in malaysiamix.com soon..
    but i tell you all now lar…..
    ‘My Carrot’ , will out around november! and it is Rabbit.Mac solo album!
    and it is a mainstream album! no explicit lyric this time!
    and one more info Daddy.Shaq Feat Rabbit.Mac album coming next year!
    and ‘neethu oretara parthom’ clean version would be there!

    and do read review for Rabbit Provoked album! Very funny lar guyz dis review!


    makkez bro promote sikit lar ini review…

  57. 😈
    yo man!
    yeah dude
    its uhmm..

    n by tha way lil peeps out here!
    ive went to tha web tat my man lil JuNiO VinodX have posted up there!
    its damn funny aite!
    tha lyrics will make u guys laugh tilll tears man!
    haha! so just tryna hit on it aite!
    peace outs!

    ~Logez Dev~


  58. @JuniO – Okay bro, I shall re-edit the post again and put a link to your review in a day or two.

    As for the other lil’ commentators, I hope that you all won’t be attacking each other, such as dragging one’s mother and sister into this ‘fight’. Cheers!

  59. 😈

    yeah man!
    thanxx alot!
    hope tat shit doesnt happens again aite!
    no matter wat..
    we stand up n fight fo ma man mr RabbiT aite!
    peace outs peeps!

    ~Logez Dev~


  60. hey..cool tune!! feel bad 4 rabbit though(it seems like its da outcome of his pain)..hmm…well its a bit vulgar but tat shudnt really offend those who r not like tat…
    p.s..a friendly suggestion…if only u guys can do a clean version of it…i bet it’ll b a super hit song.. good music! :mrgreen:

  61. anna!!!!ungal pattu…savadi anna..to all the bitches…it will be a lesson…to them..bro im waiting for ur next album..not me only bro the whole malaysian makkez are waiting…all the best to u…dnt give a damn abt other who critisize u..u go on your flow bro…

  62. 😈
    ssup ma man???
    missed u man!
    so wats trippin??
    anythin new dude??

    ~Logez Dev~
    >>>Billa a.k.a ThugminizTa<<<

  63. 😈

    you serious man??
    its gonna blast tha whole town man!
    dhilip wit rabbit??
    yeah man!
    lets trigger tha party man!
    tc peeps!

    ~Logez Dev~
    >>>Billa a.k.a ThugminizTa<<<

  64. Cun sialllllllll……………………………….da song is juz too damn easy for me to memorize….Great Job Bro Rabbit……..Rabbit inspired me with his songs……..

  65. 😳 i love you mr.rabbit……try for more songs like this with real meaning…………….WE ARE EAGERLY WAITING FOR MORE…………BYE

  66. Yah of course the gurlz dun like if guys like sokkvaithavan rabbit create a song like tiz. But gurlz should think before typing the messages. Its only for bitches coz nowdays bitches are too much than good gals. Guys are improving and girls are being PUKIMAK!!

    I can say this because i’m a playboy who out with a lots of galz/bitches.

  67. Hey guys, i know radha since last time..she’s also in bitch category…ask selayang or mantin guys! Am i rite radha?

  68. hye..im juz lov n admire all of ur words in da song..it was cool n nicely written for all da bitches all around da world..and all da fucking gurls who fucks around wit guys…thanx dude..gud job..

  69. 😡 👿
    wellll hmmmmm when i 1st heard this song i was like watta!!!!!
    but then as i luk back and see…. yea i do agree with some part of it laa… some chicks do stuff like that but stilll dude….. these bitchaz who act like this is b’cuz of their past too aite…. mayb some of them got cheated by guyz and they change to be a a bitch!!!! hmmmmmmm
    gosh….. itz nt fair to blame just the chickz man…. u guys play a role in this matter too….. i wish one day i will able to hear sum1 comin up with a song as a response to urs… but anyway good job!!! hahaha
    keep some hawt rockin songz comin aite… lukin foward to hear em!!!
    keep it blazzin all the time homie!!!

  70. Play girls will play in thr raaga soon….. and this time it is clean version and named ‘Girl Powers’ in less than two weeks you can expect to listen 2 it in thr raaga 😎

  71. hey rabbit bro! im ram. im just 17. u inspire me 2 do a album in future. if i become a one of famous rapper in future, i will tell 2 every one tat u r my rolemodal. may be i will release my album in two years. so bro i need ur help. rockpunk_param4@yahoo.com….. is my email add. i need ur hp num. u can send to email add. anyway all ta best 4 ur ma carrot.

  72. Rabbit Makfak & Co namma samutayathe keduka vantha kutti saatanunga……….. 😡
    Mannin maintargalin pera keduka vantah peedainga……

    Nallathu solrenunu vanthu kettatu seiyum paavinga…….
    ungala pola aalunganala namma tamilargalekkelllam ketta peyarungada………
    unga paatu muthale unga appa, amma, akka thangachingaloda kelungada erumai maadungala….. ❗

    makkaluku nallatu sollununumnu ungala yaaruda vettalai paaku pothu alaicha???????????? tadiyanungalaaaaaa…..

    pengalin perai kedukkum unglalukku kandipa antha kadavul tandanai kodupaaruda….

  73. I listen 2 ur song track , i understand tat u r meaning to the B***** n tis is a leason to them U R GREAT MAN !! y not you lyric a song for man who licking b***** p.part it will be more savadi … yes yes i understand u r created tat song for a lessons to the parents and coming up girls. u should lyric another one more song for husband and mens out there who are cheating their partners for licking others womens. Why not you give your new song title as PUNDAMAVANA for those cheating man. ok vaa. .. Rabbit Makfak VALGA !. I really don’t understand, did your mother and sister listen to your song. They opinion is my opinion.

  74. D’R-PLAYAZZ wow!! u are a playboy later you will be Aids Boy.. keep it up with ur hardwork. Pls pray to the god in future u may not get a daughter. Today wat u did 2mrw u will get back in return . This is a life cannot b change . ..

  75. dei nallathu solrennu y da ivvalavu anaakarikamaa bhv panringga? neengka ellam padici ennathada kilichingga? jaathiya pathi pesakira unaku ennada taguthi irukkuda en koothi… stupid! if u r great jathi y u cnt create a greate songs 4 u ah? dei fuckers…did vaali & kannadhaasan force 2 u all launch album? y da pep pundai kale? c u in 1st album la… 1stly ask ur fly all listen tat songs & enjoy ur self.
    my gd nvr blss u all sunny kale en kunjin tannikale…..!

  76. Mr.Tamilan,anaakarikathai patti neengal pesuringgala….?!Evvalove kettda vartaigale neenge engge kathukittingga??
    Vasanam ellam nalla tha irrukku….angge mattum enna vaalutha???

  77. heloooooooooo…..yelllarukum thariyum ethu kettaa varthathanu..k va…..so lets enjoi te beat..n nothin else..u knw guys n our age wil surly enjoi…and te most important is v dont take its seriously. …tis is only for fun….yarum nallavaga kidayathu…….

    NOTE: chance kidaicha yaruvenalum enna venalum pannuvagooo..its true…maruka mudiyathu..k



  80. Hey Psycho guys…

    I heard ur remix of the Jillunu or kadhal (2 songs). they re really good. I mean were awesome.

    But why do you make all the other songs la ? Does anyone actually talk like that ? Do you really talk to anyone like that ? It’s not natural guys. This is not rap. Ur songs (the vulgar ones) don’t mean anything. What are you standing for ?
    Are you saying that if a girl wants to sleep with you, you’ll start singing this song to her ? Hello brader …. tell the truth la…

    I know i’ll get some nasty comments for this. Guys… get a life.

    Psycho unit, u guys have real talent. Why waste on this stupid useless songs ?

    😎 Cheers

  81. LOL…!!!!!! i love dis song guys…!!! n its realy true also… sum gurls r like dat… Long live Rabbit…!!! Rabbit vazhgaaaiiiiiiii….!!!!!!

  82. Nice (Fucking good) rap from Rabbit Makfuk and gang.
    Keep it up guys, bash the nogood SOB’s like child rapists and backstabbers and bitches.
    Those who cant take to their raps, i wont blame you. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Probably not your taste right? For me, These guys are very talented. Hopefully they follow what they preach(unlike some Tamil rappers in our country), otherwise their fans will be disappointed.

  83. Hi rabbit,

    I agree wit shanti…Wrong come from both side…Next time lauch a song 4 play boys….oru tavaruku karanam rendu perum thaan…mothe paliyum girl mele sumathe kudathu…i know wat u try 2 tel but plz consider wat shanti n i tel 2 u……. Vilaimagalaga pirappathilai uruvakhe padugirange…..Ulagil nalla aanmagan irrunthaan nalla pengalum irrupange…..Next time plz launch a song 4 both gender…..Talent people always think negatif in their life…. Ghandhi get freedom by ” agimsai”…..ulagathai tiruthe virumbinal 1st naam tirunthe vendhum….Think about it….

    Anyway keep it up.


  84. hmm..tdy i listened this song fr 1st time… 😮 shocked!!suprised!!sad…bla bla bla…

    Rabbit, u realli talented bro!! maybe u can try to create another new album which all ages people can listen it…

  85. d songs reali rock d hse…
    well i reali lik d way they put in those words..
    i jus love d songs to d fullest :)

    keep it up..
    hope 2 hear more of dis..

  86. cool guys…im proud of u…i am aso a gal…but i do admit dat there r not few…but damn lot of bitchaz flirt around the street ruin up boys life using the term of LOVE…motherfucking galz…good for nothing…i wish u could continue creating this kinda tattuvams+fuckin albums…semma appe matchi….4 da bitchaz…we must mk them realise…and yea..i read 1 comment oppzz critic on ur song…its says dis r controversial among young ages lyk 13-17…huhuhu…is it…im a 17 years old gal…and trust me ive seen so many underaged beechaz…dats da reality…teenagers in this new era have already started 2 behave like adults…so i tink they r able 2 to analyse the fact and if they r doing those dirty jobs…like child abuse..gangsterism..n bitchy behaviorz…they shud repent…dun worry rabbit…there are also supports from our gals side…only non-bitchaz….so keep on going….u r doing great job….this indicates u do care bout the society…altot the way u delivering ur messages is quite harsh..but its is something serious n vital…which our indian community should consider…and we shud know that a small leak will sink a ship…plz…we indians…especially tamilianz…shud start stepin 4ward and prove it to other community that indians also deserve respect frm de society….vaalghe tamizhanz….and thanks 2 rabbit..u rockzz…brother.. 😎 😎

  87. i suggest u create new songs bout pecah masuk,gang fight,robbery,vandalisme and other crimes….tq…

  88. and please launch a lyric about the lifestyleof indians in malaysia especially those staying in estate…and about bloody drunkards who lead irresponsible life….tamizh mannete vangge vanthe kudikaran kabothi…samsu thodi kudichitte…velle vetti ilame terriyere panala pardesingge…vitteke poite…beat up the wives and children…stupid fuckerz….must screw them badly 4 their suckin attitudes…please consider…and also 4 those who dowana send their children 2 school n ask them to go 4 work in chinese restaurants,tapping rubber trees in young age,work in factories and other works wic are not appropriate…they shud understand that without proper education…we cant improve the lifestyle of indians..i am highlighting TAMILANZ…coz i am aso tamilaci…we can no longer depend on the gov to serve 4 our indian…so we must do it by our own man….some of the useless fuckers (drunkards,playboys,bitchaz,gangsterz,thieves,robbers,rapist,bapakayamz,and so on)…….namme tamizh jathi manette vanggeve porenthe toleirangge…ithelam pattathene… bantha mattum over…peria paruppu maaari…idiotz…if 4 ..5…man gather means…berani lah…single ah poanna suringgirom…potte naingge…if du f guts…y must them form a tarethele group and create gang fite all…hmmm…adichitte savaeranengge…yo man…we r tamilans..we have our prides 0n man.. :roll: :roll: : :roll: .and 4 those who r irritated by ma words…im sorry…i cant do anything…stomach burning lah…matcheez…i am qualified to say dis because ive done none of these bullshit sluts…so plz…puriavom,tirenthevom,mathipom…tq

  89. hey :mrgreen:
    cool song man..but may not the bad wrds…i wud hav luved the soong if there wa no bad wrds…its dead nice…teaches all the bad girls out there a lesson…nice one…xxxx 😎 :mrgreen:

  90. ur song can actually teach a lesson to girls 😆 but plz consider sum mercyless guys are also the causes 4 gals to become like dis. so i hope ur next album vil b abt dis type of guy… n bitchy gals out there, plz make changes in life so that the community will respect all gals… :mrgreen:

  91. super song my dear friends…………im really enjoy………….thank’s for Rabbit………..im really feel relax and cool when listen on this song’s during preasure mood……thanks again……….coolllllllllllllllll

  92. they are many girl think that guy’s all always fool…….if she meet or married with good guy’s they think that they can playing double game with thier husband………for example when her husband go for work she try to do sex with neighbour……….but i didn’t say all the girl like that……..oh god please save all the good guy’s from the evil girl………….. 💡

  93. wat da fuck..?? :roll: :roll: oruthi oruthannuke sonnathu,,unne pole pundaingaluke thann di sonnathu.. 😛 😛 😛 bramman mela kude silla tappu iruke.. 😡 😡 anavasiamage pengalluke alage kuduthe KUPPE POLE TIRIYIRALUGE PUNDA MAVALUNGGE… 😆 😆 😆 respect giler..peace..psycho unitz 4 eva..

  94. Every ponnu in malaysia should listen to tislah, da bloody *******(not all girls) kandippa tirunthuvanga!! hidup Rabbit!!

  95. 😛
    Haaahaaahateezzz will talkin shit…..dont stack papers….loosee your f**Kin dick…..ITs kinda season that make this song a hit…and you carp S**t just so into it , hate to admit it….hahaha…..

    For The Haterz:::: Get a life….seriously….(recomeded:::Walls 3 times daily(Head First)
    For The Real Deal:::: You know wht ma boy rappin bout aite….we keep it real aite…

    PsychoUnit Generation

  96. 😎 guys…ull rock…love psycho unit soo much…. dis song reli rocksssssssss….it reli gives all d bitches out dere a nyce lesson…
    evendo i am gurl….i noe out dere gt lotsa bitches…. so 2 all d gurls who dnt like dis sg…ull r certified as bitch….
    PSYCHO UNIT LOVE U GUYS….im waiting 4 ur nxt song la… 😎

  97. oh cumon guys..
    it’s just for fun..
    have u guys heard of the kinda 2nd ver. of this song??
    he rap’s bout gud girls…
    it depands on us how we should it take it..
    its common to the westerns to rap vulgar bout their gov,girls,etc..
    support the local acts guys!!!!

  98. this is the reason why i dont associate with indian boys….
    the only thing they’re good at is, bitchin bout girlss…simply revolting,,,

  99. i like ur guys songs….i support u guys…watever u guys r tellin da truth rite…esspecially da bitchaz song .. 😆

  100. hola RABBIT….
    keep up d good work….
    gurl lyk tat really desrve tiz…
    can i get d lyrics 4 ur girl power song???????????

  101. Well…..
    I`m so on wif Mr.Rabit !
    The gurls(BITCH) shud change their attitudes !
    A lot of probz of them !
    Even boys r fighting for them, dont noe their true color !

  102. hey u guyz….
    u r rite…
    galz[BITCHEZ]..dat u guyz mentioned…
    muz b destroyed.. 😡
    hate 2c their fckin face…

  103. 😮 😆 :mrgreen: Thanks for u guys…. i can’t voice it out my frust obout the b……… out side there coz it’s not a good mark for a good gal…neway thanks for ur honest comment and keep it up!!!

    Guyz alwiz like fair gal…no matter their background!!! Not everone but most of them!!!!

  104. This is great stuff u got a little bit of eminem in you folks.

    You guys can make it big in commercial market if you could make something without abuses. All the best guys.

    All the best – please visit my web http://www.bee.navcom.co.in

  105. Hey i want i love you song lyrics from girl power.Can anyone tell me or send e-mail to me about wher to go for malaysian album song lyrics.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😳 nan_crazy9@yahoo.com

  106. rabbit wateva u do itz corect 4 me…i dun gv a damn 2 othr muthafuckrz…i check p.unit.com…n m totaly u”stand y u do the album name RABBIT”Z PROVOKED….i juz wana ask u tat wer i can get ori RABBIT”Z PROVOKED album?? PLS I WAN”EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hpe i cn meet u!!! U R THA GOLDEN RAPPER!!!!!!!! PSYCHO UNIT 4EVA!!! M WAITIN 4 MA CARROTZ…K OTHR MUTHAFUCKA TOK BAD ABT RABBIT SUCK HIZ DICK B4 U TOK ABT HM….. U R MA TAMILAZZZZZZ!!! DR.GK U OSO

  107. heloo rabbit team..hmm..y paa..so badly did the song..the song is really niceeeeeee..i love it..bt the lyric make me cry yaar..y like that..yaa its true wat u say..some gurls out ther..hmmmmmmmmm…the songs nice..bt next time dont write lyrics like that yaar..ok yaarrrrrrrrrrr…plzz babaa


  109. that is 1 gaaad daaam superb songs……

    the ony thing i can say is hands off man….

    ur the man…………….

    genuein men out there that can make the changes and made the changes …jo…

    i m rabbit mcF

  110. i couldnt blink throughout the song!!! 😮
    but that was only due to the amount of “divine” wordz used to describe certain indivudualz…he he he.. 😛

    ya know what, i totally agree with the song…itz true, there are certain indian gurlz out there who are like “that”…cheating, flirting, sleepin around, etc…i’ve seen alot!! they’re everywhere…

    but i’m sorry to say thiz, it feelz kinda unfair…i know and have seen alot of indian guyz (certain) doing exactly the same thingz to gurlz as well…thatz reality…agree?? it would have been a greater song if it was meant in general, like for both genderz…i hope someone would come-up with such songz in the near future…

    i respect your artistic talent mr.rabbit.mac (sorry, i dont know ya name)…my support will alwiz be there for you and also to all the other local indian rapperz…all the best!!

    “true visionariez are often misunderstood by their own generation”

  111. @ annu bharathi nath – i couldnt blink throughout the song!!!

    i suggest u to see an eye specialist. 😛

  112. 😎 nerepane goal for the galls tat want to play wiff boyz……. get fuck the bad galls 4eva……… 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎

  113. u got no brainz huh???hey who de hell u r 2 tok abt gurlz huh???u dun f ny ritez k…..ur mum oso a gurl lar fuckker……..i hate u…….hope u go 2 hell sooon…… loseeerrrrr!!!!! yuckzzzzzzz ….. dun noe wic bitch son u r……teruk………. 😡 😡 😡

  114. 😡 😡 :roll: 😡 😡
    u fucker,BASTARD,BITCH SON,sucker anakgampang,lancau!!!!!!!!!! u blady dog hw dare u!!!!!u go n sing dat fucking sg 2 ur mummy lar!!!! ur song suckzzz lyk hell lar bastard!!!!!go do dat thing u mention in de sg 2 ur mummy lar fucker!!!!!cut ur cock n become a gurl lar fucker!!!!suckerr!!!!!wat a blady sg!!! :mad:!!!!

  115. dei punda mavane!!!ni yaaruda gurlzzz’eh paatu pesurethu!!!!poi ungge amma’ve oak pannuda thevudiya pette mavene!!!!ni periya oru punda na yenne oak panne da naiye!!!

  116. my makkals chakra say poddai 2 yogi b pulavar and mc jazz…..enga vanthavanakku raja hop paddama…..nagga enngaye piranthu valarnthu hop senju rep padi engga chakravukku eppadi erukkum….2 all yogi b fans,plese ask with your raja he cant do hop n do some atmosfera dance…and jangan mai sp no..kalau mai , ::”ehh makka ehh makka unake kodda erukathu, nee vantha unake sanggu athu kodupan en rep Sp chakra alu….puriyatha……..CHAKRASONIC SUNGAI PETANI BOY 😀

  117. my ex such a bitch ,.cheated me alot..in my life…… :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: ..know i realise,,love no more for me …hate the bitche…..lyers……..bitches mix with bitches will become more bitch….bithces should strip out middle off the road and throw the stone untill they die…..

    ***be one to one***dont be one to evry body***dont let ur bitches pussy to everyone……u noe how hurt am i untill now……

  118. 😉 please support the psycho unit……. im sp boy… i support the unit.. and i soso want that team hidup until international ….do the ketta ketta varthai song and say pundamava a lot in song….. to smart girls…. Like Ramani sp Thevidiya… Ramani Devi AL Loganthan…….. 😡

  119. To:RABBIT.mac

    bro.. can u mail me your lyrics for tiz album?
    da provoked album?
    or where i can get da lyrics on?
    cuz i search da web al day long.. da result is none… dats y im asking u..hoping dat u will help me bro.. tiz is my email….


    n.. u rock malaysia bro.. wif ur songs.. keep on rocking! hell ya! -navin-

  120. mac song was great..ma support alwayz 4 yar>>rabbit rockz??songz rockin due..keep on rocking! hell ya!Hey make this song downloadable dude..chwz??

  121. Mr Rabbit,

    Your music is excellant, good programming.Savadi lyrics, good messages and a very good intention. Makkelz, please listen if you think you can or just don’t do so. Cause they have warned not once but twice in English & Tamil saying that listening to their tracks is not to provoke anybody and it is the listeners choice whether to listen or not.

    Teenagers or kids can get this material if there is no parental supervision so think before you talk.

    Good job Mr Rabbit and keep going with it!

  122. Mr.Arnab ,

    First support is from the parents,rite? Did u play ur moralle song to ur amma before u release to us the album?

  123. hey…i cn undestan lar ur felins bt stil its abit over lar….soo whose gonna sing a sng 4 the fuckin gys who r flurtin aroun…… 👿

  124. hey guys, even am a gurl, but im lurve tis song….physco unit is de best..
    thank god u said ‘siler pengal’ 😉 😀

  125. Psycho unit u!!!!!!!! u Seriously Rock,.. :mrgreen:
    Keep up the good work,.. :smile:
    i hav been Hating These Kinda B****** for a long time now,.. 😡
    i trully appreciate ur song whole heartedly dude,.. 😀
    Long Live Homies,… 😆
    R u Guys Planning on any new song? :roll:
    Cant wait to hear it,… :smile:
    Rock on guys,… 😀

  126. hei bro i love tis song… it was 100% true, i wil support 4 u bro.. tis will suite 4 those b****… 😆 n may those b**** b hurt… 😡

  127. To Dear Rabbit,
    I like ur songs very much from the album MaCarrotz and really noticed that u have great talent in singing..keep up that gud job.I recomended bout u to some of my Frenz who are indians,when i mention ur name they told me that u had another album before this and its a provoked one.I havent got to listen to that bad song,bcuz my frens told if i do i will toytally hate u and everything that was before i came into this website looking out for ur ma carrotz album lyrics… cause i love the track10 and 3 very much.the words aree realling shocking to me that u even made this type of song as i go down and read the comments there are alot of supporters for u and its ur life u can do watever u wan..im not comenting on that.I juz wana ask u that, it takes two hands to clap rite..if there are playgurls there are also playboys rite…so is there a song for the playboys as well or only for the bad gurls u have created the songs. From my part of view…i have seen alot of playboys from my frenz and my sis…and how they really got hurt n stuff,seeing all that i dnt believe there is real love.As i know there are more playboys than playgurls.its ok ,if u do have time hope u will reply me back to my email.thank you.All the best in your Future. :sad: :sad:

  128. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    hey makkeh …..love u lot…rabbit…
    u songs are superb….
    i understand…each n every word of ur temper….there…!!!
    no one can hit u rabbit…keep on ur doing…that u mean to do dear…!!!umaaxxxx sayang!

  129. yeah..ive seen those kinda gals =) but there is ntn we can do abt it..
    you boys shld just avoid dem cz dis kinda gals r jz 4 entertainment purpose =) sorry to say dis..

  130. keep on do da best bro…
    we ll support 4 our mannin mainthargal….!!
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😳 😳 😛 😛 😛

  131. hehe..yenna kodumei sir ithu…..
    nalle pengalum irunthalum ore the***iya polle irukale…inthe paathu unnakage thirunthadi addi pudichi kaadi…….SAVADI LYRIC

  132. sir……cn i tel u smtg….nwdays not gal oldo tat…guy oso….tey r cheating alot of gal…n im 1 of dem to get cheated….bt it was rly pain sir..im nt a gal cheating ard…bt y tis wan shd hapen 2 me…guyz oso lyk 2 change nt oly gal….tey saw a gal more prety gal n went wif dem…n hw bout us…who didt do anytg…….at the same time 4lover..we belive dem alt…we nt a toys for dem to ply r fool…if tey wan cheat minz go n find a gal who same character lyk dem…..y a gal innocent lyk me hv to suffer….i knw u telg some gal…..bt boys oso do lyk tat…..y nt u create a albm n tok bout boys who soo bad nw….n fin a gal to sing….i suffer alt 4rm same person ….bt he continue cheat me n nt understand me,,he contunue cheating other…if gt chanse minz..plz let me to sing sir….i will do it….i wan to gt chance to explore my hateness lyk u sir….u r truth …suckzz of love… 😡

  133. rabbit sir,

    plz rply me…i knw yr songs r rockz…..bt y nt u do lyk tis oso…….let sm bad guy oso fel it…..lyk hw u make gal to fel it………damn cun.. 😛

  134. Alright ladies n gentlemen.. the song is simple enough to understand.. so, in case u are F***ing retarded, get a song player that can play the song in the slowest mode you can hear n understand.. Rabbit didnt talk bad bout Yogi-B.. and he also apologized to the good women out there for this song.. this song is seriously dedicated to B*tches… If you are enraged by the song, that means you must have done some shit that pinches you gals n guys now.. SIAPA MAKAN CILI, DIA RASA PEDAS..

    Yea, I’m new here.. but I’m not new to Blogging..

    Vanakam brother makkez..^^

  135. hey whatever u say about galz they going 2 become MOTHER 1 day so…. dun do tis.. i understand wat u trying 2 say but tis is not the way.. i been cheated by guys.. is not his fault but mine, to let myself 2 get cheated..dun let ur self get cheated by all tis b*****, so guys pls respects galzz….. so many nice galz like me out here,create a song 4 us… :smile:

  136. ❓ 😈 😉 😮 😆 😎 😕 : 😈 ?: Haha punda maula 😳 😛 😉 , think in other ways too! well da PSYCHO.unit’s track is about some guys or backstabbing friends, about some of our gurls behaving durty a.k.a bitches, baby nurins murder, how to save money/prevention from 😡 😮 😯 :smile: kuthi endhiran punda rajini kuthi avagaaomalaka

  137. cool guys…im proud of u…i am aso a gal…but i do admit dat there r not few…but damn lot of bitchaz flirt around the street ruin up boys life using the term of LOVE…motherfucking galz…good for nothing…i wish u could continue creating this kinda tattuvams+fuckin albums…semma appe matchi….4 da bitchaz…we must mk them realise…and yea..i read 1 comment oppzz critic on ur song…its says dis r controversial among young ages lyk 13-17…huhuhu…is it…im a 17 years old gal…and trust me ive seen so many underaged beechaz…dats da reality…teenagers in this new era have already started 2 behave like adults…so i tink they r able 2 to analyse the fact and if they r doing those dirty jobs…like child abuse..gangsterism..n bitchy behaviorz…they shud repent…dun worry rabbit…there are also supports from our gals side…only non-bitchaz….so keep on going….u r doing great job….this indicates u do care bout the society…altot the way u delivering ur messages is quite harsh..but its is something serious n vital…which our indian community should consider…and we shud know that a small leak will sink a ship…plz…we indians…especially tamilianz…shud start stepin 4ward and prove it to other community that indians also deserve respect frm de society….vaalghe tamizhanz….and thanks 2 rabbit..u rockzz…brother.. sanjay kuthi surya punda vicky kuthi vijay kuthi punda

  138. this is awesome…..na uneke kateven taj mahal part 2 …ene kodumei saravana ithe ………. hahahaha..nice ..bravo psycho unit

  139. N noda fing i need to remindchu loserz…dht sng s crunk…dos hu cnt encourage a fella rapper…suck ma mafcukin cock n gt da fuk outta ds damn forum…!! CUNTZ

  140. savadi song mamu tamil hip hop hidup sampai salam savadi 😡 😛 ❗ 😀 😆 😎 👿

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