Tamil phone conversation between a Maxis girl and a Machan

UPDATE: The full version has been uploaded and the audio below now runs for about 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Play it again to hear the full conversation.

Well, credit goes to my friend, blogger Theeyes05 for uploading this audio! I’m just re-posting it here to show you guys how STUPID some of our teenagers could be. Here’s an example of a typical useless Malaysian Indian teenager that is a nuisance to our community and to our nation! Agree with me? Listen to the audio first!

Please wait for the FLASH IMEEM player to load

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44 thoughts on “Tamil phone conversation between a Maxis girl and a Machan

  1. ❗ this is y malaysian gov nvr gve any oppurtunities 2 our respective n talented youngsters juz cz of few blody indian shits aslike this typical indian …

  2. That guy is a idiot.. Some people got no worries about other feelings or how valuable the ime is.. This is an example of wat they will do..

  3. 😡 i am very angry n so pissed off by hearing tis call tat he has made to this women…i hav been tru tis b4. these guys wasted their time n our time by giving prank calls..i think there should be a enforcement 4 tis kind of act…police should take a serious action againts this kind of fools…..

  4. WTF…!!! how can he talk rite dat…?? Maxis can surely identify him… sighh…… tipical indians… Tamil allu maanathaiyee vaanggurangall la… but it was funny though… 😎

  5. This is one of those stupid fellas that has nothing better to do….typical estate behavior..pls la for once be and act civilized you and save our indian ppl reputation… 😡

  6. dont ay it cause typical indian behavior……..it a a persons hormone problem n age, dont say an indian is like that…………..no indian like that, only we do mistake and accuse our own religion. stop do that 1st……………… 😈

  7. if this guy don have any thing 2 do just **** his self
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  8. siru pulle tanam irruke…. line putus achune puthu line sambungla..
    kakakaka..loose payen!!! damn irritating.. 😮

  9. elo ..ol races also lyk tiz ler nt ony indians…smue p0n sme jew ler…c0z v ol r de same human beings but diff races n colors tatz ol…

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