Tamil “GOD” movies

I was watching a Tamil ‘god’ movie that day, not those old old movies in “Deiva Ulagam” but some of the recent Tamil god movies and I don’t know why but SOME of the god movies that I have encountered would have these somewhat ‘similarities’ in them.

1) Storyline
First comes our hero. He would be a bad guy and would have a bad intention in doing some shit against his devotee wife or his family members. Then, the devotee wife would somehow knew about her husband’s bad intention and would seek the god’s help. Somehow again, the husband would knew about his wife’s mission and he would do his part by seeking a devil priest. Then in the end, both the devil priest and the god would be fighting and obviously, the god would win. The husband would start crying, hug his wife and he would admit that he has repented. And they lived happily ever after.

2) Hero
Is it only me or anyone else have noticed that both RAMKI and KARAN have been going on a loop for the role of “Hero” for certain Tamil god movies?

3) Child god
Usually some gods would tend to incarnate themselves in the form of a young and bubbly child and would start roaming the planet earth once they have arrived. The best part is, MOST of them would love to laugh for no reason! They would go like HA.HA.HA.HA…..*talks something*….HA.HA.HA.HA.HA…..HA.HA.HA.HA.HA. Why is the need of that laughter when a serious situation is going on, my dear child god? In addition to the echoed voice! I do understand that the previous-mentioned characteristic(s) is very useful especially to expose the “child god” to the public without showing him/her as a god directly but this situation has became a protocol for most of the said child gods; “Talk, laugh, talk, laugh”. Come on, I bet there should be many other ways to represent a child god! It’s getting annoying lar!

4) Final god’s appearance
You call a god peacefully, he won’t appear. You sing in the temple, cry, run here and there, roll on the floor with some blood on your forehead and finally, you shout loudly in the end of the song and you ended up being faint. Then only the god would appear. WHY?

5) Graphics
Why is it that everytime before a god appears in the ending, usually in a temple, the screen would go like in and out repeatedly, moving in a zig-zag motion, the temple bells would chime tremendously and the wind would be blowing hard?

I hope you all would understand that I AM NOT condemning our Tamil god movies but what I would love to see is for a change, a change in the storyline, a change in the usage of over-exaggerated graphics, a change in the movie’s faith-nurturing and a change in the god’s representation as well. And please, for GOD’s sake, do not cartoonise our gods in some of the movies and let our small kids to LAUGH by watching at them!

I know that most of you would not agree to what I have said, especially the Point #3 as it is pointless but I just thought of penning my thoughts down. Cheers.


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22 thoughts on “Tamil “GOD” movies

  1. yea! m da 1st 2 comment!
    wiwik! 😛
    its an honour 2 drp u a cmnt!
    *getz up n dancez arnd lyk an idiot*
    i jz absolutely luv ur blog!!!
    i mz say..
    u hv a gr8 sense of sarcasm!

  2. Eh….i noticed it too…and another guy..sorry,i dunno his name.

    Another name for “GOD’ movies can be comedy movies..All the god movies have bad graphics….the scene when god fighting with devil should be serious but it’s very funny…and there wil be a song while the god is fighting….and the god will dance while fighting..enna ithe..

    HA..HA.HA..HA…..Ellam aven seiyel.. HA..HA..HA..HA… 😀

  3. be practical la.. there is no way god will come down to earth and dance, fight and so on. abt the talk, laugh, talk, laugh thing… i agree with u 100% bro. juz becoz some ppl wana make money, they use their imagination to the max to make fun of god. and belif me, most of our ppl simply belif whateva is shown in the tv.

  4. Aravind, no they don’t. But they still watch them and support these movies don’t they? As long as there are people paying money on these movies then producers will keep cashing in. ➡

  5. Makkez,

    I still remember one of the God movies where a tree will be dancing. IT seems it resembles the God Amman dancing.

    A must watch la bro that then. Horrific graphic.Ena kodumeh kadavuleh ithe.

  6. As you all said, they tend to become funny at times.


    Yea bro, I’ve seen that before! A tree god dancing for a tune! Woohoo! Even the god himself/herself would be laughing while watching that scene.

    He/She would go like:

    “Uiksss… since when I became like that?” 😕


    I won’t condemn those who have watched these so called funny-cum-devotional movies as I would be one of them bro. Watching for the sake of judging that movie. 😉

    But if one watches and supports these movies, then itu lain cerita lar. 😛

    Ohh, and thanks for dropping by Big-Ben!

  7. Ohh.. I thought Hindu God movies were suppose to be like that..

    So now i know…

    Seeing the world thru u… very entertaining..

  8. Wow…well…another kewl topic n making sense..
    but at the same time, some points i could not agree, bro..

    First of all, the story line is lame.. Everytime its repeating story only.. but now days they trying to bring out some nice GOD story as well..
    Example like Arai En 305il Kadavul..

    About child god, I’ve been heard so many stories (i mean true stories) is involving small children…maybe this is what make the director using the same theory..(Remember the “MAYBE”)…
    Another thing, i checked with old folks and some Tamil Nadu workers about why only we sang a song then only the God appears…
    know what they said, that was a one of the way to worship GOD..
    and if we checked in Puranas, GOD and Saints communicate through songs..
    that’s why we singing Bhajans n Devaram to praise the GOD…
    maybe they are correct. who knows?
    Neway,i agreed that the way they showing in cinema is totally out of the ordinary…

    Lastly, I would like to share my opinion about graphics…I realized that its totally sucks and not as good as Hollywood…
    But guys, compare the budget they invest and company that doing the graphics..
    (Michael Bay Transformers budget is USD 150million)..
    well, got any producer willing to invest that much of money in Tamil film industry?
    Another thing, its not Pixar or DreamWorks piece… Faham-faham sahaja, la.. :mrgreen:
    But hopefully Indian Cinema industry will upgrade their graphics in very soon…

    What makes me funny, why other readers take this matter as a
    joke? (No offense, please)…
    If you guys got some good stories and idea, contribute to relevant channel..
    Who knows, maybe you will become future Director with Oscar Awards? 🙂

  9. Solomon Papaya,

    The thing this matter became laughable to others is because the way this directors are actually portraying God in this movies.

    I agree with some of your points regarding the budget and so on. But can that be a reason for this directors to actually produce this low cost graphics in which our God is resembled to something totally funny?

    As for your rest of the sentence, I second your points and suggestion.


  10. Hi……….. friends, i like ur commens. If i see new tamil god movies, i feel that very funny, becouz the amman is helping with one woman’s. only.

  11. its not a funny….wat happen in world that they capture n make a movie…but really lah v cannot believe tat..but if it happen in this world all of human being in tiz world bkam timuru….they have do watevr they wan….

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