Why some doesn’t like the movie Dasavatharam?


Why? Why? Why?

After watching Dasavatharam a few days back, I approached some of my known-individuals (friends!) to get their feedback on the movie Dasavatharam and to my despair, there were some people who claimed that the movie was “hmmm….OKlar”! Oklar? Come on dude, it was awesome!

So, why would one say so? Because Rajinikanth didn’t acted with his punch dialogues? Or maybe because Vijay didn’t acted with his same and lame “Naa nadentha whatever, naa okantha whatever, naa kuminja whatever” shit quote?

Some said the storyline was kinda ‘dragging’. Some said the movie was kinda ‘slow’ – which means the same thing as ‘dragging’ previously. Some even said that the movie was kinda confusing! Let us exclude the latter part and concentrate on the former part. Dragging? Slow? I would say that a tiny portion of you people are none other than those typical-minded Indians in which the only thing that you all would LOVE and IS-A-MUST to have in a Tamil movie would be:

  • A dance scene in the forest.
  • A poor hero falling in love with a rich girl.
  • A scene whereby either the heroin’s mama or her father himself would be chasing the hero with a parang.
  • A death scene accompanied with a fight and some few arguments.
  • Dan sebagainya.

I could recall a few years back when the movie Aalavanthan made its debut and so many mixed reviews were thrown out pertaining to it. I approached a few of my cousins and asked their feedbacks at that time:

Makkez: How was the Aalavanthan movie? You liked it?
Cousin Girl 1: Not nice lar… Got cartoon scene all… Like stupid only..


Makkez: How was the Aalavanthan movie? You liked it?
Cousin Girl 2: Padoma athu!

And that’s it. No further explanation given. What’s up with having a cartoon scene in a movie? I don’t find that to be a disturbance nor an annoyance, in contrast to what I could see in certain ‘devotional movies’. Since then, a few years have passed and I seriously hope that they all would have developed their mentality to suit the current trend of movies and I am yet to ask them on their personal review of Dasavatharam! To me, Aalavanthan was perfect as well!

Allright, back to our topic. So, to those who have watched Dasavatharam and did not liked it, care to share the reason? And to those who have watched that movie and LOVES it, care to share your views as well? Plausible reasons would be highly appreciated.


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49 thoughts on “Why some doesn’t like the movie Dasavatharam?

  1. Bro belum tengok lagi la bro. Ningge sollithingge..ithekahvendiyeh poi pakeren Makkez.

    Bro, Vijay mathiri anggeyum inggeyum kuthicha parantha….ureh clap panethe.

    Kamal Hassan is one exceptional artist and a class above others.

  2. 😎 movie super…..nice storyline…..lot of info….the intro also superb….all in all worth movie to watch…looking foward more movies like this quality…. :mrgreen:

  3. @Durai

    Poi parungge bro! It’s worth the money! :mrgreen:
    And, gotta agree with ya! Kamal will always be a class higher than the other actors.


    Yape, anticipating eagerly for this kind of movies to pop out! :mrgreen:

  4. makkez, movie nice….not like a 100% kollywood movie. but its kinda hollywood style movie. yup exclude the 12th century(its a true story). Kamal Hassan awesome! He can act, he cand dance, he can sing, can fight, he can manage as a story and screenplay by his own! what else to prove to those typical people who not agree he is not ulaga nayagan???

    Voonak Kannil Paataal Yaavum Kutramthaan
    Nyanak Kannil Paataal Yaarum Suttamthaan!!!

    i heard some said that kuruvi nicer than this, wakaka πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Duno what to say to these type of ppl.
    betul x2 takde taste langsung!

    dunno to appreciate, its ok la….
    but pls dun la condemn like Tuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!

    hope makkez and u understand! anything, pls shout at my site mike!

    take care!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Not up to expectations. kamal should concentrate more to make the visual effects looks realistics. Make up looks a bit like fake. Nothing wrong with his acting.

  6. dasavatharam rocks la. this film is the one which make UN delegates and PResident Bush requesting for a copy and private screening. sure la got some or minor flaw in graphic presentation coz not PIXAR doing it . :mrgreen:

  7. MINOR flaw ah? Maravana did u see the Mercedes benz floating ? acho acho. ena kodumai saar ithu.. im rajini fan plus kamal fan.. disappointend with Dasaavataram because it fell into a WRONG DIRECTOR!..

    If only Shankar did this movie or maybe other big directors like Maniratnam and so on , im sure this movie would be the best tamil movie ever!

    But of coz , Kamal’s 10 role acting was superb. his body language,voice modulation. yepapap!.. Savedi man

  8. Hello frenz….

    Dasavrthrm is Super movie… πŸ˜› well i will say its movie of the year!!! Kamal have done the best in this movie!!

    Some people diidnt undstan the storyline, thats y they didint like tis movie!!! if don undstan pls watch it 2 times then ony u will know the best of this movie!!!

    Kamal have bring up the real thing that happens in our life…Its all bout science and nature…those who expecting for love story/romantic/comedy for sure wont like this movie!!! as this movie for to practical life!!! Just imagine guys how kamal have put effort to do all those 10 roles!!! πŸ˜€

    Yes as President Bush have ask for private screening for tis movie…im sure Kamal will get the OSCAR award for this movie!!!
    Kamal is the best!!!! πŸ˜†

  9. Well basically, if you guys know there was a scene – there was 3 Kamal in one shoot… ever wondered how long it took him to do that…well of course, most of our makkes are in there for “Humour me and show me action” kinda folks …. 😈

  10. kamal is a talented actor but he always tend to overdo things and disappoint the viewers. some of his recent movies were not up to expectation. πŸ™

  11. Pls dont judge KAMAL just becox of his previous films… 😑

    He s not over act or over do MR.ARVIND!!!

    KAMAL is trying to giv somthg special for his FANS! He’s also will be the remark for Kollywood in the eye’s of hollywood cinemas!!!!!…hE’S The best ever after… πŸ˜€

  12. yo netra,

    who am i to judge kamal’s acting anyway? i did say that he is a talented actor and i dun oppose ur comment abt him. its juz that i get bored with his ‘beat around the bush’ kind of stories. i am talking from my point of view. fyi, i am kamal’s fan too. πŸ˜›

  13. πŸ˜† hahahaha……

    Ok arvind…since ur Kamal’s fan tooo….We re frenz……Hope in the future Kamal can do somthg to win ur heart!!!!! πŸ˜›

  14. @Raaja – I’m planning to watch it for the 2nd time too!

    @theeyes05 – Kuruvi nicer than this movie? Oh my god!

    @maravana – agreed

    @Novinthen – I lost my faith in Director Shankar bro, after he came up with his crappy ‘Sivaji’ movie. Haihz….

    @Sasi – agreed

    To others, thanks for your comments!

  15. Hi there guys, I watched Dasavatharam on its first day released. Frankly, I wasn’t a die-hard Kamal fan, but totally look up to his pieces of work solely because of his perseverance and hardwork. I am not denying the truth that he is a great actor.

    Comparison cant be made between Rajni and Kamal because both of them going on different ways.
    However, I gotta say that Kamal worked very hard for this movie. Can you imagine the time he have to burden merely for his make-up. Further more, there are many scenes where they applied the CGI concepts [ the actor only acts in a green background which then will be adapted to scenes ]. Well, I am not arguing that the movie was perfect graphically basis, but he took the step and made the movie rite , although some scenes clearly overshadowed kamal.
    Budget is also taken into account which made dasavatharam is impossible to be compared with Hollywood movies.

    For those who find the movie scriptline complicated, come on… Its not that hard. He managed to link up the consequences in a chronography graph which led to the existence of tsunami. By this, he included the existence of god which fate made all the consequences happen.

    There was an interesting phrase from the first song which sounded
    ‘Saivam endru paarthal, theivam teriyathu’
    ‘Theivam endru parthal, samayam kadayathu’
    – its totally true-
    I gotta say thats my favourite line throughout the movie
    besides asin screaming ‘Perumale’… lol… hehe : )

  16. :mrgreen:

    Hi.I just went for the show today and all i could say this guy,he ‘born’ for this!.Dr.Kamal’s movie always have something different content in it which sometimes hard to find in any other tamil movies.His Dasaavatham does have a meaning in the end.It’s not something [forgive me if i disturbed some diehard fans here],some movies with ‘deja vu’ for example:1 hero fight 32 bad guys & somemore anti-gravity? [what!Is he a mutant?].

    Yeah.As stated above,tamil movies without 50 more people dancing with useless songs with no meaning behind hero/heroin is considered as useless & wasting time for some ‘audience’.It’s a must for indians (i have no idea with hindi’s as i don’t watch their movie),to fell in love at first sight although he is a cheap hardcore thug,an alcoholic,a mutant [lol!] based super fighter with some ‘vasanam & style da machi’ whom can jump from aeroplane or even rocket,hit the ground hard,and still survive!.Ohhw,and happy ending ever after even with 100 holes/cuts in hero guy body.Lack of paramedic or again he’s a mutant like wolverine [x-men]?

    This are some of the reasons why south indian movies never took off.It’s more embarrassing to talk about our movie to other races.I don’t know why this directors can’t inspire some view from foreign movies like Dr.Kamal did.I am not saying he is perfect but from what i saw he’s the one who can think like this apart from maniratnam.

    Sorry if i hurt anyone.

  17. His acting was great as usual, only complaints..the quality of makeup.Usually we should not compare it to Hollywood standard but they spent millions bringing in people from Hollywood and I believe we should expect more.Even the makeup on Avvai Shanmuggi was more realistic.

  18. cumon…10 acts man….itz awesome….well…..some of da ppl tat i know said…not enough action…well….wt they want is da villain using an ambassador car chasin da hero who will b usin a jeep……then…sumhow they’ll b on foot…where the hero will fight 10 ppl with his strength….then…he’ll fight da main villain 4 a very long time….cumonla…u wanna a hero 2 fight a 40 sumthin year old guy 4 20 non-stop minutes…..haizzz….yenna kodumei makkez ithu….since they said nt enough action………those kinda ppl arent meant 4 movies tat make them use thier brain n think….the 12th century story was awesome as the way they used thier language….n da way our ulaga nayagan joined da 10 different stories of 10 kamal hassan was a genious move..bout car da chase…..da scene where da bad guy (i 4gt his name)….uses da hummer 2 chase kamal who’ll b on a cool white car which i really dont know da name was awesome…….it was like million times better with those stupid white ambassador car chase scenes……n da helicopter part where fletcher chases kamal was way more cool than other tamil movies…..n da fightin scene…where fletcher vs japanese kamal…..ws fantastic n really wonderful as itz a 1 on 1 fight…nt like vijay fightin 20 sumthin ppl with his own strenghth…… if u ask me…tiz movie is worth watchin 4 more than 100 times….respect kamal hassan… he hav proved dat he’s da padmashree n da ulaga nayagan….best tamil movie eva….DASAVATARAM

  19. if u guys were to observe closely,there wud b butterfly flyin in the movie and its related to the “Chaos Theory”.Does any1 wondered wats all behind tis theory?
    In the movie,kamal has mentioned bout it so do watch it second time for those who missed it. Basically,this theory says tat wen sumtin happen,witout our knowledge it wud be related to sumtin else and it cud be somewher else wher we never knew. The storyline of the movie is all bout tat. For those who think tat tis movie is crappy, watch the movie again n note on tis..hope it helps.
    One scene tat confuse me is the Vishu statue tat landed in india after tsunami . Recall the tsunami incident; The massive earthquake measuring over 9.0 on the Richter scale occurred under the Indian ocean floor just of the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra .The high magnitude of the tsunami waves tat cause the Vishu statue to the land again but its more logical to land in Sumatrda instead of India as the earthquake occured at coast of Sumatra.
    Besides that, as some hav mentioned before,ther cud b some improvements on the make up. Certain characters make up was fine for an example fletcher’s.

    Well,all above are merely my view of the movie and i may b right or wrongs. Its all bout how u feel. I wud recommend all to watch Dasavatharam!!

  20. :mrgreen:


    Do you say that butterfly effect is related to chaos theory.

    I saw the same butterfly in a ultra science fiction based anime movie title Vexille.This movie is about the extinction of human race in year 2077 by the emergence of new type of nanotech that will transform humans into a synthethic lifeforms.In this movie it is assumed the whole japanese populace already extinct and become an android.

    Well,as a robotics engineer i could agree with this.Nanomachines are already here.They even have nanobots soccer match in US where a group of nanobots will play soccer and monitored with a microscope.Silly aye?

    But i belive it also got something to do with Shinto-ism.Maybe.

  21. hey m new here, let me start off saying ur rawking.. saw ur post.. n i agree wit u.. and bout the mv.. is awesome.. kamal did a superb job.the way he carried out the charac was superb…

  22. Hi Naturetech,

    What i’m tryin to say is similar to the review in the blog i mentioned above as the writer of the blog who explained the storyline of the movie to me.
    As an engineer myself,i kinda agree wit wat u say but sadly i never heard bout tat movie, is it worth watchin?

  23. mvie wz nice….sumthing different but d graphicz oni kinda slacked out..besidez there movie was superb

  24. :mrgreen:

    Hey brinda,

    Yup!.No doubt about it.

    I don’t know how many people can categorize between an anime with cartoon.I used to visit hong kong video store as the workers there is friend of mine.They know about me and whatever new anime came out (related to robots,over-science LOL!..etc) they will call me.

    Watch the trailer in youtube.They show only a bit but they do show butterfly effect.Although the left-to-right lobe does have a meaning,nature is beyond our expectation.Just like they modeled in “The Day After Tommorow”.

    Watch that anime.You will agree what in the world they are talking about.And try to get this title too “Appleseed” & “Appleseed:Ex-Machina”.

  25. Fantastic Movie!!! Everyone should watch that movie and appreaciate Kamal’s performance. We are proud an Indian played 10 different charactor…HATS OFF to Kamal!!!

  26. 😑 Yooo….wat`z upp guyss..

    Kamal can do some stunt by own……

    bt How bout raJINI…….can he do by hissef…..

    Alredi tua lahh……kamal vry gud person…not lke rajini…\

    always support 2 KAmalllllllllllllllll……..VAigaaaaa

  27. Firs of all.. your a dick.. you keep all the good comments towards Dasa and keep all the crap comments for Kuruvi? like wtf.. who cares what u think.. ur reviews are shit anyways.. go burn in hell faggot!

  28. This message is specially dedicated to “CV” —> first of all, mind your language !! secondly , who the HELL cares wat YOU think ?! if u are not happy with the reviews, just SHUT THE HELL UP and your @$$ (opps did i say that?) and not publicizing your stupid yet idiotic comments here… i hope you can use your tiny brains ( if u have ) to sit and think about your attitude ! Man… ppl like you should be burned and steamed in hell for god sake ! mind my words… Sorry Mr Makkez, this dude js made me damn damn pist off.. 😑

  29. 😎

    For me,Dasavathaaram is one of the best of Kamal movies.His perfomance was simply great in his 10 characters.Bravo Kamal!Let me tell u one thing.These narrow minded Indians will never change their mindset.All they love to c is a hero with stupid dialogues,heroin terhegeh-hegeh,barbaric dancing scenes(with many dancers),etc.So,no point arguing and explaining them about the actor who can use his brain and come up with new ideas.These narrow minded Tamilans won’t understand!

  30. hi everybody dasaavatharam is a hollywood movie. it has such story line. kamal had done splendid job. all tamil movie will start with song and hero will fight and last he win. its total bore formula.but dasaavatharam was going to lay new formula in tamil industry. the guys who are telling flim is not nice means they dont know to see pictures

  31. Hi, i am newbie here!

    dasavatharam movie is excellent and well screenplay movie. Did you notice that along the storyline, do you think any part of of the movie is like waste or boring and nothing to do with the story. That’s why i will say kamal movies always have a different screenplay(thiraikathai) and it is a must to watch the movie. The sivaji movie, well all of you know that it is a perfect movie of superstar. But, if you watch very carefully, the movie is absolutely for rajini. I will say that shankar’s one of the movie that is unplanned and the movie is purely for superstar. But, if kamalhassan joined with shanker in dasavatharam, sure it will be mega blockbuster of this year despite kuselan!

  32. well well welll in this movie u need to do some logical thinkin peepz..u cant jus watch it blindly in a way tht the story line is spoon fed to u…first of all kamal did not only act in 10 diff roles he actually LIVED those roles…frm d body language to the vocal point of view it seemed like all 10 r diff ppl….woahhh thts massive ain’t it…..n those ppl who think the make is bad well u shd knw this first…actually the make up is purposely made tht way cos we shd knw tht is it kamal d one in tht character…of cos they could have made it look perfect but mostly its done close to perfection so u could identify d actor….
    yeahh i too ahd fresn who thought d movie was ok larr….plzzz la u gila or wut d movie is superbly awesome n first track is haunting…i guess those who said the movie is slow n ok larr n confusing maybe d real reason is they jus did NOT understand d scientific part…NaCl is our table salt n sea water is composed mainly of it soo thts y tsunami happened to eradicate the fast spreading virus(which only can be killed wit NaCl) b4 it causes massive human death n leads to human extinction….sooo in a way this movie kinda justified tsunami where a few hundred ppl dying was devastating but its alwiz better than millions n millions dying…!!!
    Genius plot……..Best movie……. ;D

  33. Haha;p
    Guess a lil late 4 a comment but I did realise not many discussed bout neither the Butterfly Effect nor the Chaos Theory..
    xcept for Brinda n Naturetech..

    Butterfly Effect basically theorizes that tiny turbulence created from a single flap of its wings cud make a major change in a another part of the world coz of tat tiny disturbance in the atmosphere.. potentially cud start or end a tornado.. but it is like brinda said, never can be certain of and definitely never random..

    Chaos Theory is also similar, s long s a system chnges vit time, u can never determine the nature of it at a given time frame coz a single minimal initial change cud completely overrun the predicted n predetermined nature… like d butterfly..

    in the movie, Tsunami was created coz of the Vishnu statue giving stress between 2 tectonic plates.
    now just put it tis way, if Cholan King never adopted Saivam, if he never became fanatic enuf(in d movie;) to b against all Vishnu ppl, he wud never hv came to tat Nambi’s plc in d 1st plc, he wud nvr hv been cruel enuf to dump the statue into the ocean, n if he din do tat, centuries later there’d b no tsunami, the Virus wud hv spread from Fletcher n millions wud hv been dead…

    simple act, yet many din grab the simple theory d movie conveyed..

    Come on fellow indianz!!
    U really want movies vit nothing on it xcept for
    3-Discrimination on the poor
    4-Quantum physics(wac vijayakant’s movie n u’ll noe wat i mean)

    Dasavatarm is d only indian movie afta 12B which tries to tell bout Butterfly Effect n Chaos Theory.
    most ppl who ven to theater >3 times din realise it too..


    (Rama avatar – Avatar Singh) – Lord Rama stands for the one man one woman
    maxim, kind of symbolising true love.. Here Avatar portrays that spirit
    by saying that he loves his woman more than anything and wants to live
    for her.

    Kalki avatar – Govindaraj Ramasamy As you know, the hero in kaliyug can
    be none other than the Kalki avatar!!!

    (Balarama avatar – Balarama naidu )[As the name suggests and the role
    personifies Balaram naidu RAW officer and helps to kill the villain

    (Krishna avatar – Vincent Poovaraghavan ) Lord krishna is actually a
    dalit, he is dark-skinned [shyamalam]. He saved draupadi when she was
    being violated and he was the actual diplomat in mahabharatham. Lord
    krishna dies of an arrow striking his lower leg. Now look at how vincent
    was introduced.. he appears when asin is about to be molested and he
    saves her like draupadi. Vincent is the dalit diplomat, fights for land
    issue [soil issue to be exact] and dies from the metal rod striking his
    leg. Oh even five of vincent’s men are drugged at P. Vasu’s.. sounds

    (Parasurama avatar – Christian Fletcher ) – Parasurama is actually on an
    angry killing spree and killed 21 generations of the particular kshatriya
    vamsa. Hence the real KILLER… Guess what thats what our Fletcher is! He
    comes around with the gun [modern upgrade for axe] and kills everyone

    ( Vamana avatar – Kalifulla khan ) – Remember in vamana avatar, lord
    vishnu takes the vishvaroopa, that is the giant form! Hence the giant
    kalifulla here symbolises vamana avatar

    (Narasimha avatar – Shingen Narahashi ) – first of all the name itself is
    a play on the words singam [means lion in tamil] and narasimha [the
    avatar being symbolised]. Lord Narasimha manifests himelf to kill the bad
    guy and he also teaches prahaladha. In the movie, he shows up to kill the
    killer fletcher! and is also a teacher.. Lord Narasimha had to kill the
    asura with bare hands and hence the martial arts exponent here..

    (Varaha avatar – Krishnaveni paatti ) – In varaha avatar lord actually
    hides earth so as to protect life forms. Here too krishnaveni hides the
    germs – life form inside the statue so as to protect.

    ( Koorma avatar – Bush ) – The real koorma avatar, the lord is the
    turtle/tortoise that helps in stirring the ksheera sagara and bringing
    out the amruth. This essentially creates war among the devas and asuras.
    Similarly today Bush facilitates war between you know whom… May be Kamal
    also indicates that this avatar is a bit dumb like the tortoise…

    ( Macha Avthar – Nambi ) – nambi is thrown into water in an act of trying
    to save lord from being thrown into sea…

    isaikku oru nyani athu ilaiyaraaja…kalaikku oru nyani athu kamalahassan.

  35. Dasa is a world class movie with varius dimensions and interpretations.The stroy is itself
    very complicated and mystic, like a poem. Some scenes in the movie have more than one meaning. It has intervowen many incidents
    and passes through entirely different situation.
    The hardwork behind this movie is appreciatable. Kamal proved
    he is most hardworking film maker in India.

  36. If George Bush saw that make up, he would puke blood!!! Look’s like an ugly Frankenstein monster. Look so ugly and stupid and that Japanese character looks like a freak!! What a joke..

  37. well…d movie wasnt all that la
    bash me any1??..lol…hear me out
    1st d >>make up ….it speaks for itself
    u can see deir head out of proportion n huge!
    >>over did it
    what kinda idiot scientist dunno to say NaCl as table salt
    even our school children wuld noe that…lol
    too much crappy ideas…binoculars dat can zoom til cell sized images??..come on
    dont over do it la.
    gud concept tho….poor execution…

  38. m really confuse with this movie.. is that the climax is true… is that the lord vishnu cumout wen tsunami

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