The Montauk Monster: For real?

Montauk Monster


The strange beast depicted above washed up on a beach in Montauk, New York a few days back.

Since then, the creature has earned the nickname “The Montauk Monster” and left half the Internet speculating what exactly it is.

Is it a new turtle species that has been beaten with the ugly stick? A product of some government experiment gone horribly awry? Or, is it merely a publicity stunt being used to promote an upcoming film?

Time to join the on-going speculation. If bio-whizzes can’t figure it out, no one can.

Further info: HERE

There are too many speculations currently. Most of them are saying that the ‘creature’ seems to be a dead decomposed-raccoon, a dead decomposed-dog and some even said that it is a dead sea turtle without its shell! Two vital options are left out here; HOAX and BULLSHIT!

Personally, I can’t say a crap about the image above as I believe, I have to ‘see it in order to believe it’. Whatever it may be, may it rest in peace!

Alright guys, in a few days time, you shall be expecting a forwarded email by a bunch of 15 years old Friendster sluts titled “Weird creature found in CHENNAI, INDIA“. Or some of our kids even tend to be more unique and creative, in such a way that they might even add some bunch of valuable information in the end of the email message. “Either you forward this email to 10 person or expect the dead creature to haunt you tonight”!

To those kids, bak kata pepatah orang tua, “GOOGLE IT YOU IDIOT!“. Well, initially, I did googled about this “Montauk Monster” and it came out to be a hoax for some, to be a dead this and that for some and to be a nicely-done photoshopped image for some.

For further information, visit the link given above. All hail the Montauk Monster!


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6 thoughts on “The Montauk Monster: For real?

  1. Montauk Monster Mania! ๐Ÿ˜•

    Excitement over the Montauk Monster has reached a fever pitch! He was on CNN. New photos have emerged (that make it clear he’s a he), as well as several people who claim to have the remains. But still, no one has definitively identified the beast. On the Internet and elsewhere, theories abound: Is it a Plum Island experiment gone wrong? An alien? A very fat raccoon, or a poor, poor puppy? Or part of a race of creatures who are slowly but surely taking over East Hampton? Below, your roundup of the latest monster news.
    โ€ข Three women who claim to have taken the original photo were interviewed by Plum TV. They claim they actually have the corpse, although they won’t show anyone because they are “waiting for scientists to contact them.” Their camera is presented as “evidence” they took the photo but in reality, hello, uploading. Plus, they come off kind of like jerks. For the record, Alanna Nevitksi, the woman who sent the original photo to Gawker on Tuesday and whom we spoke to the other day, says that they are “full of shit.” Her friend, the photographer, has still not spoken to the press.

    โ€ข Wolf Blitzer was forced to report on the monster. CNN also dispatched a depressed-looking reporter to Montauk to interview a couple frat boys who claim to have the decomposing corpse and poke at it with sticks (“We’re having a great time with it,” says Colin, 22. Um, okay.) While in town, the reporter stands on the street with the monster picture and waves it in the face of common citizens, who shriek and grab at their hearts. For some reason, she is also carrying a beach ball.

    โ€ข Most disturbing, Newsday has a less-decomposed picture of the creature that really looks like a dog, specifically a pit bull, which is not at all funny and a total buzz kill as it makes you think thoughts such as:
    a) Wow, this thing was lying on the beach for a long time and no one picked it up. Again: Way to go, animal control.
    b) Not only did no one pick it up but people kept taking pictures of it. Way to go, humanity.
    c) Maybe we have all been staring at a picture of a dead dog this whole time.
    d) That explains the wristlet. Poor, poor puppy.

    Fortunately, they make up for their sick reality check by giving us an alternate theory. According to locals, the Montauk Monster is not a anomaly. It is part of a race of monsters who have been recently cropping up in the area.

    Ryan Kelso, via iPhone, said he spotted it โ€” alive! โ€” in the Montauk dunes. “It looked about the size of an average fox, gray in color, eyes like a mole, hairless and was breathing quite heavily,” he wrote, “needless to say we were freaked out by this discovery and fled the area quickly.”
    Lavey Fater saw a surfer bring one to shore, near Ditch Plains.

    “It was hairless and gross,” Fater reported. “โ€ฆThe surfer said he had no idea what it was, but that he threw it in the dunes because he didn’t want to be surfing next to it.”

    Keith found something last week in Greenport; Chris found one a month ago at Jones Beach east of Field 6. (“The one I saw had a longer snout or beak or whatever you want to call it.”) Sean said he buried one, 3 feet deep, in South Jamesport.


  2. ๐Ÿ˜†


    Where are those Area 51 guys?LOL!

    Well,it looks really funny in sense ….mmm…look like the chicken with sharp teeth?.Or maybe it’s some goverment experiment just like they create new species [ chicken + quil = chimera]..yes!.. in Sandia National Lab.

    But.. it can be classified into..say..something like loch nest monster?Or Mermaid in Red Sea?.Or some new species that got transfered when tsunami strikes few years ago?Why now? LOL!..

    Anyhow,i won’t belive it’s an Alien.If does,by now it might end up in Area 51 or in New Mexico.However,it can be a graphic.Computer softwares nowadays were quiet smart.Smart till you can make some images almost un-detectable with raw views.

    Whatever that thing is,it’s better be true.I bet it’s a computer generated graphics.

  3. It was hard to be identifed at first without its custumes/shell. โžก
    Then it became clear to me…
    It’s the turtle monster that Ultraman defeated on the recent episode. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    you may have a peek the picture earlier when it was challenging Ultraman@ ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. i….am…speechless…..
    This pic doenst look like hoax to me.. Leave it to Dr. Makkez to find it out… ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. @Naga – Nandri for those facts

    @Naturetech – Well, those Area 51 fellas are too busy spying on UFO’s I suppose in such a way that they have forgotten to have a peek at LANDS instead of space.

    @Enna kodumai bro ithu!

    @Logan – Dr.Makkez? Andava!

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