Malaysian Indian girl misusing her talent

While I was thinking on what to blog next, I received an email from someone by the name of John. In his email, he sent me a link to a Youtube video clip which happens to be an audio-only video clip. He stated there “malaysian indian gals singing dirty“. The last two words did not attracted me that much compared to the first three words. Dear ladies, I have no ire on you girls, please don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, I just love to pin-point those corrupted ones.

As for this audio, I could barely recall listening to this ‘song’ some time ago, the same Indian girl(s) singing dirty but the only thing that I could not recall is the ‘song’ that she/they sang. Anyway, this girl definitely has the singing talent as well as the voice but she seriously needs someone to remind her that she’s misusing her talent in the improper way.

While we could see our people fighting for our own rights, these kind of teenagers are still prevalent in our society. Sigh…

To all of you, listen to it but make sure no one is behind you. Or to be on the safer side, you might wanna consider using your “headphone” or “earphone”.


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27 thoughts on “Malaysian Indian girl misusing her talent

  1. oh god! she got very sweet voice, but……….. hmm useless dumb gal. 😡 why cant she think which is good and bad?? bodoh tul.

  2. the new age indian gurl … some are just so happy and enjoy doin such thing …if asked they will say its for fun !! dumb gal !!

  3. 😮


    Well well….sex education DOES work better now! 😆

    I’m not suprised with this local solo girl “Dr.Dre” typo…amazing..she can be another “Dre”.


  4. goodness. as much as i don get some of da tamil words. but still, shit. dis iz disgusting! n its coming from a girl?? goodness. go YOU LADY whoever u r!! disgusting freako.

  5. i was just wondering ….

    was this issue raised because its a ‘she’ singing or because ‘the talent is misused’?

    i’ve heard nastier rhymes from ma fellow brothers and none seemed to care but instead ‘motivated’em to do better….

    and our mainstream mannin mainthargal too are comin pretty close to this level…

    caring kudimagan.

  6. I dont get it,watz so funny 4 dat gal to laugh in d end? Wat makes her to feel so satisfied as though did great joke of d year.. Shameless tutz.. This type parachiz won get good life or death.. Die oso beta.. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  7. hold on hold on…hw sure are we that was a gal..i noe a faggot mofo has even “prettier” voice than that…serious, it’s a guy who has the female voice and even sweeter than a gal…but i wont b suprise if a gal did sang that song cuz i still remember watching a 3gp clip where the gal will tell the guy ” yenna paatu yeven yeveno kai podaporano”..valgah sentamil selvigeleh!!!

  8. @inba2004k – For both of the reasons brother. But, for a girl to sing this kind of ‘song’, it is sickening.

    @vickn3s – Well bro, even I had the same doubt. But, if you happened to listen to the clip again, you will notice that ‘she’ would be laughing in the end, instead of the supposedly ‘he’, if and only if ‘it’ was a he. 😀

  9. another singer from psyco-unit….
    another female rabbit…lor…
    neway, bout 1 year ady i din listen to her voice, this…
    but now in youtube…. cool web with hot song….
    imagine la…how if she entered superstar goldstar…haha

  10. I’ got this on my mobile. Received it long time back from my friends. I didn’t know it was a video though.

    Not surprising though, our local sarekes are even involved in self-made porn videos.

  11. @Theeyes05 – Masuk Vaanavil Superstar? Expect all the judges to faint then!

    @Durai – Nambe pillengge munerthungge bro..

  12. OMG!!!!!
    she must be frm lower cast parachi…only them can sing like this vulgar songs, fighting, killing and other crimes.
    Bloody fukcin asshole gal. There are still a lot and we should torture and kill them.

  13. 😆

    Ok OK don’t break your heads guys ‘n’ girls..

    If we do FFT on that voice we might break it into few different power value & run it into ANN to find out the probability whether it’s male’s voice or females.

    Ok i’m joking but it can be made. 😈

  14. Makkez, i to got this long time in ma phone like Durai…and i agree with u…nambe pillenge la munnerithange…
    –>Barathiar kanda puthumai penn!!! Enama kural, epa bleeding in ears la bo.

  15. Hmmm……..well…..i don’t understand most of the things she’s singing but then…. understood it was vulgar. Just wanna comment a thing here….. i understand if u people r angry or whatsover 4 wat she’ve done, but hey…..why bring jaathi issues all here……noticed a few of them commented as such. Free country, so she have done whateva she felt like to do. Not dat i’m supporting 4 wat she’ve done, though. Don’t la give saabam all she won’t get good death la dis la dat la…..Manippomm marappom.
    Have a nice day everyone :mrgreen:

  16. N forgot 1 more thing…….her voice really sucks….For those who complimented her voice saying she got talent….well………no comment 😈

  17. 🙁 i m rely wooorrieddd bout tisss…..
    ennnnnnala ithu…
    namma samuthayammma ippadi…..
    ippa enaku 1 mindla varuthu..
    ‘eppadi iruntha nammma ippa ippadi aiton…..’
    che…che…che…ithugga mari pillaigalnala nama peru worst aavutu..
    enne koduma sarrr ithu…

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