Toto / Magnum / Kuda “Tok Gurus” preying for Indians

Tok Guru
I used to read a lot of pamphlets claiming that this particular Tok Guru is able to predict Toto / Magnum / Kuda accurately and his ability to ‘bring wealth’ to all this customers. Well, in those pamphlets, or from what I have seen averagely, there would definitely be some pictures of an Indian woman meeting a Tok Guru and below that would be her name, either Kamachi or Meenachi along with some text in broken Malay.

Saya amat bertrima kasih kepada Tok Guru kerana beri saya nombor ekor yang saya kena. Suami saya patah satu kaki dan tarak kerja. Saya menang RM200000 daripada nombor yang Tok Guru bagi dan hidup saya sekarang sangat selesa. Saya……. [and the crapping goes on]


Well, from what I have heard, these kind of Tok Guru’s would love to prey on Indians, particularly those desperate Indians who would crave for such menang-nombor-ekor opportunity to knock their door. Unfortunately, the knocking would be done by yet another Indian claiming that he ‘knew’ a Tok Guru which could change their life in a split of a second. The truth is, that ‘Indian’ would be working for that particular Tok Guru in bringing in customers. So, once the victims were duped into meeting the Tok Guru, 98% of the Tok Gurus would be asking for some sort of a ‘deposit’ to be offered to the god as a part of their praying process. And what happens next? The Tok Guru would be asking for another ‘deposit’ claiming that the offerings were not enough and he needs more money to ‘convince the god’ to give out a ‘jackpot number’. And what’s next? That’s it, the Tok Guru and the Indian assistant were nowhere to be found a few weeks later.

The above is an example of a story that I have heard (even read) a couple of times, and most of the time, the victims would definitely be Indians. And that made me wondered, why the hell Indians are so stupid in such a way that they can’t even think that a pure Tok Guru would never ask for ‘money to be offered to god’ and no gods would be asking for any money either! In addition, why can’t they understand that all these ‘money offerings’ and ‘deposits’ are merely a phishing attempt into duping them to dig out their savings and let them being stranded later on? Leave out those uneducated ones from this issue, but those desperate Indians are really, utterly stupid!

As the saying goes, “Tok Guru Akan Tolong Kamu Jadi Hidup Senang“.


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101 thoughts on “Toto / Magnum / Kuda “Tok Gurus” preying for Indians

  1. Bro, we start one new section in our blogs la bro…Sure hit one. Random 4d generator . TOk Makkez and Tok Durai online 4D.

    Aiya, this ppl you know la bro. If anyone say anything like easy money, then sure will even go lick pigs ass also for it. Example Taiping “Pig” temple.

    Emareven iruke verikum emathereven irunthekithe irupan.

    P.S: You’re the first commentator in my new post bro, to seek revenge, here I’m the first one. Ehehehehe..

  2. tat was a good one bro..Random 4d traffic..wakakakakakka
    its will be more interesting if there’s widget for FS or facebook.4D Number calculato widget..since the love calculator is popular now.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. many of my frenz was duped.this tok guru is a liar cum cheater. If he can strike number then y advertise? he can make millions what.

  4. Look, the bottomline is that its not whether the tok guru is a cheater.

    As long as there are fools, there will be people who will fool them. And sorry, but I consider people who take toto numbers, lotto, and all other gambling crap to be fools.

  5. If the Tok Guru can really know Toto no will kena 1st prize or else then people mostly us should know that the Tok Guru himself buy the no and be millionair not asking little money from us and give us the no to be millionair

  6. 1st u mz think Wat V F should 2 take NuM aah>>
    2 becum richh..
    then,y u f hand and legs 2 fuctioN.??
    Money is wanted i noe bt unfortunate Ppl Fall on tat…
    letz thIn 1st then u do tat rubbish things..
    u wan b millionaire jz put sum faith And Believe..
    u can b sucess PersOn,dun waste tis kind of thingz..
    Haterzz Plz Step BeCk,Dun Play Vt BIg gUN N 2 Bullets..
    HOmie i noe u can Understand…=)
    Cheerz UPPz..

  7. well, i agree with tok durai…hope 2 start the random generator! hehe…tat day, makkez number kereta sudah naik lo…tok makkez ada “predict” ka last week?

  8. datangla jumpa sami besok hari.
    bawak bersama masa dan tarikh beranak

    โ€œTok Guru Akan Tolong Kamu Jadi Hidup Senangโ€œ.

  9. @Bro rujj : “Tok Guru Akan Tolong Kamu Jadi Hidup Senangโ€œ Ambil ini nombor : 5549. Ambil itu nombor..nanti boleh travel europe…hehehe ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. Jom kita pow kereta Durai, and also Makkez car plate no…er.. Dear makkez, care to share your BMW 3 series car plate num?

  11. Hhahaha.. today only special draw.. tomorrow lah.. try and see.. if kena, durai i get you one Chivas okwa? Or you want kalyani beer frm india? hahaha

  12. Bro… this tok guru wana cari makan lar… Really bullshit… Venuna namma poi siasat pannuvom… ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Kalyani savadi bro.. not like 5000 or 9000 damn light.. and bad hangover. Kalyani taste abit like Carlsberg but nicer.. Manage to get water packet and soda too bad couldnt get Old trip maybe..

  14. Hahahaa…bro, 5000 i’ve tasted . Old monk sounds nice…dasyat la kai ningge..enjai…bro, namitha marenthe rathingge..

  15. Indians as usual, trying hard to become rich overnight..
    by the way, if the Tok Guru can really spot the winning lottery, he should have been a millionaire now..

  16. saya indian punya tok guru, nah ambil ini nombor 1278 magnam.
    mesti tak ada orang percaya saya sebab saya orang india kalau
    kaum lain mesti dia orang percaya punya. pls dont be fool…..

  17. saya minta tolong pada tok guru. saya perlukan duit untuk bayar hutang saman sebanyak rm30.000.00. bagi lah saya nombor.

  18. saya sangat banyak hutang tolog saya bago no 6 D toto. tolong la… lu tolong gua gua totong lu.

  19. i need no coz my life so humble i will divorce regarding my bad financing total liabilities is RM 200 k so some time to hard for me to find instant money except lottery ticket

  20. Pls dont belive in all tis Tok Guru things, tis ppl gv all over hse’s the pamphlets n their words will b vry sweet, til v all blive n fall to tem, those things are all bullshit, i hv a lot of experience thru my frenz..
    The ony place v can live without challenges, woris n problems is in RIP (Rest In Peace)..
    Every1 1 2 be rich, its all in ur effords and hrd easy money in this world.. The ony way to gain ur income is Registered Investments, like Public Mutual, unit trust, bond or own saving..
    Im an Indian, I do care for another Indian.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. jangan percaya tok guru thailand,,,,semua PUKIMA tipu duit sdahaja,,,saya seorang mangsa dia,yang kena tipu sebanyak rm 50,000,,,,saya hidup susah pun gembira tapi sekarang,,lagi susah sebab itu pukima tok guru,,,,semua tipu!! ilmu hitam!!bela saitan,toyol,iblis,pocong,,,,,,,,,pukima tok guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  22. hye macha,,,u dont belive i gv the tel no,,,u call them,,and tarok them nicely,,
    num,,,,012 46208768,wat nakawan pron.kedah.!!call them,,and fuck them nicely!
    im on of the mangsa,,,,50,000 burn,,,,
    start wit 100–10,000
    i can gv the num bcoz im the MANGSA

  23. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ก
    hi,luckily i read diz artical,coz i pun sudah tertipu…i dont no how boleh terjebak wit diz tok guru,but what i no is i am under presure by that time,start frm 120,1680,3952 and nw asking 4 5k…aduh,mana mau cari 5k tu???but he say,my no sudah kena 2nd prize..i ask him 2 mms the prove,coz dia yg tlg i beli, coz when i buy myself x kena,dia ckap tagan i x da nasib,klau bkn krana 1st time no yg dye bg 2 kluar 1st prize,i mmg x akan prcaya punya,coz dia send no 2 by pos,but aritu pos x htr tpt pd masa,so i terlepas coz ngam2 kena hari sabtu…isnin sampai,nombor pun sudah out…bila fikir2 blik,bkn rezeki lah 2 & biar lh i cari rezeki yg halal walau brtapa ssh nya keaadaan time tu…igt,jgn mudah trpedaya walaupun tgh dlm kesuasahan yg amat sgt…kita tertipu coz off kebodohan sendiri… ๐Ÿ˜›


  25. ambek pensil panjang satu inci, surat kabar lama 1 malaysia,
    cin cai cin cai kira maa.. ini aaa 99% luck maa itu 1% aaa depend sama
    pensil dan old newspaper….good luck.

    kaki nombor kecilan

  26. percaya tuhan dapat nombor ekor dlm mimpi orang thai mkn darah orang ?org susah minta tolong bukan bagi org tipu ambil duit tipu ?lagi kali pertama suruh bayar rm50 selepas tu htr nombor ekor dari kedah china temple selepas tu minta rm390 utk keluar 4nombor ekor selepas tu htr dari thailand ke malaysia masa hari rabu dapatkan hari isnin by poslaju yang lambat dapat kat malaysia :tetapi nombor ekor yang tokguru bagi ambil pada hari sabtu surat dapat hari isnin selepas itu kata bocoh nasib minta rm2700.00 utk beli budak saitan kata naik nombor ekor tetapi orang thailand tipu sangat orang susah lagi bagi susah hutang banyak sampai lelong cari utk pukul manusia thai tak fikir hati org lain org thai mkn nasi atau berak:macam saitan hormat tuhan thailand buddha samy jgn rosak nama tuhan thailand ? suka cekap dgn org malaysia jgn kena tipu dgn org thai untuk semua bangsa malaysia :thanks ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  27. i ada terima satu pamplet kat kedai saya sama yang ada di atas tersebut tok guru,first i kol num yg tertera di atas pamplet,masa i cakap dalam telefon suara dia macam cina(perempuan) dia minta saya tarikh lahir dgn nama penuh. lepas itu dia telefon balik bagi tau saya, saya ada skrng tidak bernasib baik kerana AWAN HITAM telah tutup nasib saya.. utk membersihkan AWAN HITAM itu i kena bankin $150 ke acc no: MAYBANK 1120 7208 3979 CHONG YUN CHUN. I pun ikut je lah cakap si puki itu… hari kedua i terima satu sampul surat dr van pos laju, i buka envlope itu dlm ada satu wang kertas palsu THAILAND dgn 4digit no. selepas 2 hari si puki itu telefon saya dan beritahu utk bercakap dgn TOKGURU thailand yg bernombor 0125343385. i pun telefon dia… dia bagi tau saya, yang saya sekarang bernasib baik boleh kena 1st price.. utk mendapatkanya i kena bankin lagi $750 utk sembahyang lagi, selepas itu i tak nak percaya apa yg dia kata tadi, i pun cari kat internet tentang tok guru thailand,apa yg saya dpt tau itu semua tipu!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก

  28. at 1st asked 75 to do do prayer to get num.. i pay thn said need to do another prayer to make the num stay RM 130.. later he gv me a num ask me to buy on 1 date … after buying he said i need burung 18 ekor.. can u bring over here wh n i say i cant he said ok i tolong beli for u .. to make ur nasib go high bank in the money to the tau key… 260 who will help send things i bank in n thn went n bought the num whc he given.. on that day Num never come up . He said not to worry
    since my tangan tak benasib so he need to call a person from kajang to come thailand n help me to buy
    to do that he wan me to handle his expenses… i did as well RM 500 200 for th num 100 for prayer n 200 for his expences.. thn the next day he call me up n say ok the person have already bought the num for u… now just wait i will post u the copy of the magnum ticket.. once u c if kena means i will do a prayer withing 3 days i will send u the orginal.. later after 2 days i recv Post express the the Photo ofthe magnum ticket… thr was a num 9847 he ask me to check news paper if the num got kena or no.. i did check I GOT SHOCK the num was 1st prize.. thn i told him yes i got the num he said ok gud since u got the num with other people;s nasib so u need to cut of his nasib if not if he fall sick or anything happen to him in future u will get attcted … so to do that u need pay me 4960 to do that prayer…… since i saw the ticket i got the trust n i did the payment as well…. he said he need 3 days after the 3rd day he call n ask anything got happen to me i said no … i thk it gona happen cuz i can c here somethng bad is holding ur nasib now i cant help to potong it … ur life is in danger u need to do another prayer so that i can save u ineed 2 cow n this n that.. he ask me to come i said i cant come he said ok i ill help u to get things for u .. thn he said it cost 7560 to do …so i did he said this is final after 3 days will post me the orginal ticket to me…no more problem after this and after i withdraw i must gv temple 22% n must do some charity donate to old folk house n orphan age people .. isaid ok….. waited till 3 days the 3rd day calling n telling … now “got satu perkara berlaku” his standard diolag after the every prayer.. he said ur nasid very bad ur nenek moyang very angry with u .. coz u dont pray to her she is holding now .. to send her back peace fully he Need 12,490 thn only he can post me the TICKET….THATS the moment i realiase that he is cheating me… i just trusted cuz i saw in my eyes la…. the num striken th copy of ticket its was in colour photo!! that make me to trust more n keep follw his word…..every time .M just broke down….. now m in alot of trouble PLEASE DONT EVER TRUST all this ITS ALL BLACK MAGIC!!!!!!!

  29. nombor master thailand PENIPU!!!!!!!!!!
    assistan =0175176896
    master sifu = 0175427718
    master thailand = 0196061827 , 0066852365687
    akaun bank = PUBLICK BANK ” 4468214506 ” POH CHEE KENG
    cegah sebelum parah!!!!
    p/s;kepada yang benama POH CHEE KENG tu FUCK YOU!!!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก

  30. itu gurru… kasi potonggg dia punya kapalaaa…. itu gurru tipu punya gurru… nipon talak sukaa…… kasii ptonggg dia punya kapalaaa….

  31. :shock kenape master thailand tak kaya tipu orang jadi kaya kalau betul ada master tuhan nampak apa macam jadi master toilet kalau ada duit boleh jadi master tipu boleh ambil duit orang lain .makan darah orang ‘satu dunia percaya saitai u ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ก โ— โ“ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜• โ— ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ :roll: ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  32. i think must ask the tok guru wife to go and sleap become prostitutes and earn money in easy way and not by cheating people

  33. i pernah kena tipu juga dengan tok guru puki nie..ada tengok satu majalah india yang ada beberapa org kena nombor dan jadi kaya..terikut ikut juga dan tertarik nak give a try…pas tu i call u si puki tu dan dia suruh bank in RM50 untuk dia sembahyang bapa ayam.entah cina puki tu nak tipu org ke tak pasti..pas tu dia poskan saya tiket 4d katakan i telah menang 1st prize jumlah rm1,000,000.entah si puki nie photostat magnum tiket pas tu tipu i…jadi i bukannya bodoh..tengok macam tak percaya so i buat buat bodoh je sebab dia suruh bayar rm5,000 utuk poskan saya tiket original…utk org org macam nie,, saya berharap jangan tipu duit org..haram tu…lagi satu kalau saya jumpa org macam niem, terasa nak sula punggung dia dan potong kotek dia dan buang kat anjing..biar anjing makan

  34. hye guys, im currently investigating about this cases as it has been currently a hot issue over here..can u guys co operate with me so that we can identify those cheaters as well to prevent this cases from being increased..just give me their num n their account num n plz tell me hw u guys being worries u can trust me coz im a malaysian who works with the police…if any enquiries do post here, and i will comment it back..tq..

  35. guy!!!!!……

    Today money ……tomoro….No money……it’s a life….
    so be happy what we have now……

    trust ur own dream…it can be real one day…but not in 4d.toto and so on…

    RM1..use your own money…it will satisfied you..if money come’s in honest way…deffntly the money will grow up with us…but then let say if the money come’s in wrong way…..u your self dont know how the money finish…….

    jual nasi lemak pun ……ada duit juga…..

  36. Hi Shan.. i m one of the victim.. will do co-operate with you.. just drop me a mail. thank u..

  37. hi linda..thanks for ur the way wat was the name of the temple or master or tok guru there n their location n account num? send me ur mail address…hope to listen from u

  38. Hi shan.. The name of the Temple is SAN LARK MEUNG Temple (Nakhon Sithammarat ) Jatukarm Roon Bun Darn choke Lan Sa Ga 2546 . The Tel num 010-3879596 / 010-3879530.

    Than Got few other nums thy called i cant remember. but this is the 1st num i called n get trapped. I lost nearly 15k….!

    Thy used to ask me to bank into this account num (4-5672202-22 public bank) Name is Ku yok Ling.. (so called tauke who supply the prayer things)

  39. owh Ku Yok Ling…i know him..he’s one of the suspect too..he do have a cimb account bank where he asked one of the victim who came to me to bank in rm50 to his account..wat else he ask u to do linda? no worries they will be trap soon..he told the victim that he’s at sempadan-thailand…did u did any police report? dear friends over here, please dont trust any pamplet or flyers telling that u can gain lots of money…did anyone got cheated from Wat Natawee? im currently investigating about this wat..

  40. Hiii .. alot of things he ask me to do…. till he used some black magic towards me by sending some kinda of arsh…really went tru hell from him… the last he wanted RM 12k.. wer i refused to gv him .. so started to use all the black magic till i went very ill.. n many many things.. but i believe it cuz the exact Num whc stike came out in the copy of magnum ticket whc thy send to me.. it was coloured PHOTO copy… said only after few prayer thy can past me the orginal to me… so that make me to trust him… but at 1st he ask me to buy the num by my self.. for RM 150 but di not strike .. so he mention that i got no luck he have to used other people to buy it… agrhrrrrrrrr alot of things happen….. i lost my 15k in total… Drop me a mail for more info Thanks

  41. hi guys,,im 1 of the mangsa,,,i plan to go the wat n smack him,,but i need swome members..those who kene with tok guru come join us,,we can fight together,,,,,,,,,pls rply my msg,,hope to hear from u all soon,,waitting,,,,mangsa,,,,,,

  42. hi. can anybody sms me regarding this? or email? Let’s bring hell to this temple! What say u? My num is 010-9523929 and m one of the victims. Thanks.

  43. Mr Shan can you please contact me ASAP?? Before it’s too late ok. Thanks. Maybe we can catch them this time. Thank you again! =)

  44. damn i also same with u guys plzz sms me if got any info becausa i wait that cek to draw \ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก

  45. ๐Ÿ˜ก โžก ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ โžก ๐Ÿ˜ฅ idiot i also was cheeted same like u people. this tok guru is bull sheet he cheet my money saying want to do prayers. i lost my money almost RMI0 000

  46. shan, siasat no ini157090964272maybank fok hong jong lepas tu 08030115938523cimb.macam ni cerita i.mula2 i tengok 1 pamplet dlm surat kabar tamil cerita pasal rajagopal yg bankrap.lepas 2 master suruh dia beli small rm80 , big rm100.kena 1st prize.percaya semua 2 i pun call master no 0124939464 .dia suruh bank in rm45 utk buy bunga 4 pray.lepas tu sms no 8734 kat i.suruh i beli big rm50 smll rm50,a rm5o n abc rm 50 suruh i beli dlm mkt black.i x berani.lepas dia kata master tolong beli kasi rm 600.i pun bank in duit 2.lps 2 no x percaya dia sbb dia kata dia akan pulang duit sy .tapi x pulang.dia ambil rabu ini guna duit tokong kata no naik magnum 3rd prize.lepas tu dia kata tahniah.minta duit rm 3800 utk kenduri terima kasih.i kata i xde duit .i tanye dia boleh guna duit yg menang 2 ? dia kata master x boleh langgar peraturan . lepas 2 suruh i sms dia no ic saya dan no jadi takut nak beri maklumat tunggu nak telefon siapa2 yg tahu benda ini, sebelum i kena banyak tertipu.lepas i juz type thai master lihat adake itu betul rupanya ada juga banyak kehilangan, termasuk saya sendiri.kepada yg byk kehilangan sy ambil kesempatan ini mengucapkan TAKZIAH

  47. ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก saya sudah habis rm5000.saya jmp pamplet watt nakawan rron.tok guru siam blh tukur nasib kasi senang,saya cuba sms nama n tarih lahir pd tok guru,setengah jam dia col saya brthu yg saya da nasib baik dlm thn ni,dia ntk duit sebnyk rm180 untk beli lampu sbp ada perhalang kt dri saya.. krna prcaya saya bank in public bank 4594219500 tan wei liong.saya col duit sdh bank in,dia srh saya bakar resit tu n tnggu col dr tok guru,sok hr ye ,dia col dn betahu nobor saya akn di pos laju,hr sabtu atu ahda akn tiba,sya tungu dpt hr ahad kebetulan saya keja,saya beli nbor tu pd hr rabu,tp nbor tu sdh naik pd hr sabtu,saya col tok guru brthu nbor sdh naik,mcmmna mahu wat,dia blh tolong bg nbor lain tp kena bank in duit lg 1600,untkbeli lampu lebih terang nasib saya.1lampu rm200,beli 8 ๐Ÿ˜ก lmpu,sya kata mna cari duit sebnyk tu,tok guru srh usaha.tu masa dpn saya,saya pjn kwn akak saya,jnji untk 1 mingu byr semula,saya sok duit dlm bank dia,dia srh bakar resit tu,tnggu dia col,1mingu saya tngu dia col mtak lg rm3600 untk kasa kuatkn saya puya nasih,saya terperanjat mna nk cari lg duit bnyk tu lg,saya pjm sama pjm sina bohongkn kwn kata adik sakit,bg lh pd dia.kemidian di col kata nbor saya dia belikn,dia kn bg nbor apo yg dia beli,ptang ahda 18.12.2011. 7.30ptng dia col saya nbor 8910 magmum,tngok mlm ni,betul nbor tu naik,saya pya gembira,tp kegembiraan sementara.klu saya mahu ticket tu dia mahu duit 5300 untk smbayang,saya x blh bg lg apo yg dia mahu,sbp saya sdh bnyk hutang,dng along pn saya htng janji mhu byr 1bln,sampai skrg satu sen pn saya x dpt.hidup saya tambah susah,hutang bertambah….

  48. any1 no about 114384184982 (poh chu sun ) may bank ….0102823307 and 0164508427, pls reply…i think i’m being trapped 2

  49. shan,
    check this person, this person flyer still active secular around Penang and Butterworth area
    Person name: Fok Hong Jong
    Maybank Accpunt Number: 157090964272
    Telephone Number: 0124939464
    Assistant Number:0124745870

    Hi guy,
    all the human are greedy, not even for 4d number, also for other so many things, But, we cant blame this un-fortune Person as specially Indian, they was trusted maybe because wanna be a success person in life, or maybe some fineness problem which all the person face(as specially Indian)
    so, We need have a look how this cheating Master Thai reach Indian communities? if they have any medium for they to reach this Indian Communities then they easily to be cheated. They will use this Daily Tamil News Paper to Advertise and also use flyer. Who will read this news paper? and why the new Paper still advertise without knowing genuine or not that advertisement? why they have a lot of Flyer circulate? They circulate this flyer by add in in the Tamil paper.
    so, they have some people from out communities who help to this people. and our communities are not ware of this and also they trust with this advertisement. because it was send by Indian communities. We need stop this kind of advertisement and also the person who help and do work for this kind of Masters. then only we can stop this Master2 all from cheating our Indian communities.

    please take a note that this all the Masters are not Thai people and its all are Local Chinese person(if i not wrong)
    And before they looking for Indian Communities they already cheated Chinese communities, then only they come to Malay and Indian communities
    So, Beware and please help our communities from this Wild Pig to cheat.Make some awareness and Request the Tamil News Papers to stop to give advertisement opportunities and add the flyer to this all Master2.


  50. Hi guys..sorry 4 the late reply as i was abroad.. Please mail the details abt the tok guru’s n ur contact details..wil contact u soon to help u guys n others frm being the victim of this tok guru..if u guys received those flyers or pamplet, bring it to the nearest balai and lodge a report.. Mail me at tq guys n tc..

  51. hye guys,i was cheated too way back in november 2010.i called the number from the leaflet i got.i realize now how stupid i was..i lost so much money nearly RM30k..It was all the savings my fiance gave me for our wedding and i went through hell doing all the nonsense that @#$%%^ tok guru said.Somewhere in march last year i was so pist of his urge asking me to pay another RM30k so that i can get my cheque of the winning money..I got frustrated and scolded him,obviously not using vulgar words but it was harsh and he so call cursed me that i will suffer rest of my life..i deleted his and the assistants number.After that i was trying to cope with the situation and to forget whatever happened so i can start a new life..To my suprise the idiot called me last week saying that my cheque is still pending and they have no intention to cheat so they will send the cheque to me..i waited for a week and today i received a mail..he sent me a photo of the cheque and my name+ic num+my winning amount..its from magnum corp..cant really see the cheque number but it was dated 22 jan this year,its from UOB bank…Now he wants me to pay 7k to do some sort of shit so that i get the money without any prob..i refused by saying i lost alot of money and cant pay any now so he said..i’l lose everything if i don’t and they can withdraw the money….. ๐Ÿ˜ก If i don’t get any he should not too so i intend to check with UOB bank n Magnum tomorrow…i don’t care a damn anymore.i wana teach him a lesson.any suggestions

  52. hi there.. better you contact magnum corp and ask whether had they release any cheque in the amount of… under ur name and its better u lodge a police report showing them all the proves ( the bank-in slip, the flyers, and the photo of the cheque).. next try to tell them that you wanna pay the 7k via cash ( in order to track their location) just tell them no matter where they are you are willing to come..just note watever they said..and then move on to the next step… is it Wat Natawee? Because i myself once had gone through this situation…

  53. hi shan,
    Tolong siasat ni number 010-3743101 dipanggil sami besar, 016-6985363 assistant sami. No account ( 4-5672202-22 Public Bank, KU YOK Ling ) kena panggil tauke kedai supply prayer things.

    Saya juga salah satu mangsa penipuan sindiket sami2 entah malaysia ke atau thailand. temple tu terletak di thailand San Lark Meung Temple. tpi klu dengar cara dorang bckap mcm cina semenanjung. Pandai juga tu sami berbahasa thai. jumlah yang saya lost mencecah 15k klu diikutkan smua permintaan sami. Tolong sahn jejak penipuan sindiket sami, nnti ramai lagi terjebak dgn kes ini.

    Kenapa masih belum dijejak/diberkas sindiket ini. PLEASE………………….

  54. Hey, my name is Muniswaran and I’m one of the victim I guess..
    I’ve received this pamphlet and its from Kedah. I’m From Perak actually..
    And yes, I tried for it and eventually I strike the number. But the ticket is with the Thailand tok sami.
    So, I extremely very scared and worried now. I’ve bank in RM12,000 already.
    At first they asked rm65 to post the number to me and then they asked for rm1800 to give me the exact number..
    But the number that he gave, did not strike. When i called them, they asked for rm3,800..
    After 1 week, they told me that they took the number already.. On that day, they called me at around 6.30pm and gave me the number..
    9207, magnum, 2nd prize, 200 small, 80 big, on 11.1.2012..
    Then he said he need to buy rice, burung and turtle and yellow cloth that cot rm3900.
    After that they said, need to do “UPACARA” and they asked 3900.. And they make me to wait, and now they said that need to buy “TONG” that cost rm68 each
    and he said he need to buy 88 TONG !! Which I refuse to give.. And yes, they gave me the Kedah address and said that i could go there and meet them
    or I can go to Thailand and pay and on the spot get my ticket. They gave me the addresses… And yes, they fax me the photostatted ticket, black and white..
    ** They told me to burn the resits, but I did not do so..
    ** They aske me to go to “tokong” and pray
    ** ** All this is happening right now, at this moment.. Pls Help, TQ.. Do reply via email..

    Tok Guru Besar : 0124151193
    Assistant : 0103738586
    : 0124628768
    : 0174514995
    Thailand no : 0066904833266
    Public Bank acc no : 4637128904
    Public Bank acc no : 4594219500
    Thailand Address : No 4 Soi 11 Thanom Nakasan Vunit, Changlai Thailand.
    Kedah Address : No 89 Kampung Kota Nakah, Tokong Nakawarah, Kedah

  55. ๐Ÿ˜ก dont you pay any extra money. stop for call them or try to get the money back. they already cheated you and before you lost more money, try to avoid to call them.
    the address is wrong and the place, WAT all wrong info if you try to visit them and some how they maybe will make you stupid like give some wrong address which they not in there.
    pry to god and forget the money, think positively. God will help you in other way around, and will pay the people who use the god name for cheating people, for the moment, we need stop the people to believe this flyer or try to call this busters. try to stop the flyer to be speculated…

  56. tok guru chibai pukimak… 0124151193 his number… he cheated me rm 13k!!!! better go sell ur wife in red light area.. son of bitch!!!! i will santau u la pukimak!!!!! i will find u asap!!!! motherfucker bitch!!! ur mom is bitch… ask her to come suck my cock i give rm 20.tok guru punde!!!! i wont leave u dey punde!!!! very soon i will do u!! i noe u at ipoh and u are noe this page!!!! pukimak chibai… emak u 1 pelacur chaw kit!!! no cock ar u??? y playing pple life fuck u bitch!!!!!! very soon ur nose become blood!!!! mothar fucker!!! go fuck ur mom punde!!!! punde u noe my number.. if u realy got cock call me da pukimak tok guru…. whr is my money buy dildo for ur daughter ar???!!!!! son of bitch!!!! u will die in 3 months!!! me to doing prayer la!!!! DONT BE MANGSA PPLE… better trace his number when u talking in 15 second.. go balai polis and trace…

  57. this is hilarious, I saw a flyer at my place, and had a game at them knowing well enough of all their scam. I even talk to them….here are the details: they are still active…. go get them…
    tok guru A : 0164653523
    tok guru B : 0146036022
    Account number : CIMB 02030007884208
    Account Name : CHIA WEI TJUN
    all the best!

  58. hi guyz i’m also 1 victim….. but they cheat my husband RM800, they want 2800 to do the prayers, and my husband believe i just stop him banking the money.thn they said the guru search 800 so they ask him to search for 2000.and then my husband said no money, he said atleast search for 1000 or 800. from the begining i didnt believe. but even we lost 800.

  59. Hi guys… Im One of the victim… Thank god jus wasted of rm80 only.. I jus recif the letter frm them… Their date was on 8th of December 2012. But i jus recif it today.. Wen i call bak n ask them they said nid to bank in another rm640 to get back the luck…but thank god i had go on tis web.. Dunt belif tem…. Cheater….

  60. Hi, Kwn2 semua… saya baru buka website ini untuk membaca tentang tok guru thailand and flyers, aduh saya baru kena tipu last week, mula dia suruh bankin Rm40 , lepas tu dia ade hantar poslaju katanye suruh bakar dan suruh amik Rm200 Big dan Rm200 sml, tapi sblm tu dia kata nak sembahyang kuat2 dan minta Rm110x4 batang sembahyang dan saya pun bankin juga atas nama “WONG CHEAN CHIANG’ A/C: 07350014041529 master kelantan malaysia, mmg i x ckup duit dan saya amik Rm5 je kt magnum, lepas hari tu i tengok nombor to x keluar..dan dia cal saya kata nasib x ckp kuat dan suruh org lain belikan utk saya, dan second time i terima dari poslaju nombor ade di dlm rm200 place tapi org tu tlg belikan saya rm4000 Dan saya berjaya dpt rm800 000, lepas tu i tanya bila blh bank in kan duit tu, master tu kata seblm tu tuhan ade janji minta derma 100bungkus beras dan 1bungkus rm22, dan dia suruh i byr RM2000 dan lepas tu i kata mmg i x de duit , dia kata suruh cari atau akan cedera/accident!… ๐Ÿ˜ก , then i hari ni i buka website ini baca semua msg kwn2 ni…amat menakutkan dan sedih la, saya kena tertipu RM440 , tu duit kereta i …habis la…
    nasib baik , tuhan saya mahasakthi Mahakali realize me tdy!.. Ulaippu uyarvai tarum…Do meditation and trust ur god dnt trust other ppl…

  61. hi latha dan kwan semua…. apa yang telah terjadi pada kamu turut terjadi pd saya, mula2 saya berurusan dgn mster dkt kelantan dan pembatunya ”WONG CHEAN CHIANG ” lepastu dia orang bagi no tel dkt mster di thailand katanya di chiangmai utk saya berurusan dgn dia orang bernama mster ajit. dlm urusan semua ni sya sudah lost 4k lebih. Betul2 celaka dia orang, apa pun tak ada…dia orang panggil lain orang utk beli saya punya nombor tauke kilang kasut dkt seberang prai dgn modal rm 4000. kamu sudah berjaya katanya dgn hadiah RM 1200000 sbelumtu mau bayar rm 2100 untuk beli beras putih sebg derma kpd org miskin disana. apa lagi hutang la sana sini, lepas dah byar mintak lagi utk bayar govoment tex di thailand sebanyak RM 8960 lagi bagi transfer duit ke malaysia sebagai bukti perniagaan. sampai disitu saja urusan saya dgn dia orang krn dah x ada duit lagi, kalau tak lagi merana hidup saya krn sya sudah plan utk pinjam duit dengan along….. hancur semuanya tipu belaka.

  62. hi ppl, just find out this website… last dec i’ve been cheated.. saya rugi rm26k… just wanna know can we logged a police report? the acc owner already closed their acc in maybank.. they use maxis and celcom… this is the number
    hope someone can help me on this matter… the master details as per url in sinar…

  63. Hi guys, saya juga sudah kena tipu dengan sindiket ini. When i read all the posts & comments here, only i realized they have lots of faces. Ada banyak sindiket menggunakan modus operasi yang sama. Saya sudah kerugian RM20ribu.

    The “communicator” is based in Changlun Kedah & said there is a Thai sami in Chiang Mai, Thailand who do all the stupid prayers. The temple name is Wat Thaton (or wat tak tung) something like that located in north Chiang Mai. I even went to this temple to check myself last week, very sad that the abbot said there are no such things in buddhist practice.

    Here are some info if anyone would like to investigate:
    Communicator 1 : 012-4649741 (maxis)
    Communicator 2 : 0111 – 2430851 (maxis)
    Adddress : Tiang 7 1/2, Kampung Guar Napai, 06200 Napoh Changlun, Kedah

    Thai sami (temple) : +66884420168
    Thai sami (individual) : 0107046611 (maxis)

    Their phone numbers are still active until today.
    I plan to lodge a police report by today or tomorrow.

  64. hey guys now got new number already 0169609816 and the acc num, cimb 07130005979051 so be careful

  65. penjelasan krisis air yg disertakan nom telefon bomoh.nom ekor.(when u taip this in internet)

    0135356128,0164653493(son of the bitch as tok guru or ass tok guru)…the num still active

    Add:148,kg dangai,pasir mas, 17000 kelantan

    Temple Name:WAT NACHAI(no such temple in this name)

    CIMB BANK-07090002056207,CHEAH KHENG WONG(still active)

    Remarks:Anybody pls take action on this matter before other people get cheated by this sindiket

  66. recently i was very bad luck, then i saw this adv from one magazine.
    then i try to call “tok guru”, that ppl is ask me to send dem my full name and date of birth.

    after few hour dey call me back. that ppl say tok guru wan to tell me, now a ghost is folo me, tok guru can help me and make me success in my career. dey ask me 200k-300k is it enuf. dey ask me to donate something to temple. then i say there is too far for me. then dey ask me to bank in money to one account cimb 07130005979051 mr.cheh.
    after that i try search on internet and i found this page .
    lucky i no money now and i was suspect and try to check b4 i do the transaction.
    i was tell dem i gt no money right now, dey ask me try lend from someone and muz give back the money when i get the prize.
    tok guru ask me lend the money for donation @@

    below number they are using now

  67. i was get cheated rm1100 frm tok guru(giving nombor ekor)

    0169475223,0129799848(the num still active)…LAI KEAN CHAI (assistant tok guru & person incharge)

    temple name:wat phra samnakrong

    address:lot 1628,kg alor teratai,besut 22200 terengganu

    maybank acc num-101272190223 WENDY LEE SUET YEE(still active)

    remarks:anybody pls take action on this fucking bitch,they cheated my money & of course they will cheat other people also if we neva take action.i alredy make polis report but the stupid polis said they can”t take action b”coz this is civil my question is, is it polis will let them their network grow bigger until they cheat other & the case become worse???pls somebody take action on this fucking bitch,cibai,pukimak,babi LAI KEAN CHAI(his mother is fucking bitch)

  68. ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก be careful of these number 1)0066899747288 2)017-5119466 no matter what they say just ignore them as joke.they are fucking con man.

  69. SAYA kena tipu juga si siam babi itu suruh sayahantar wang yang banyak saya sudah masuk 5000..cimbbank nama dia Lim wei fan..nombor dia 0195997715.. nombor account dia 7052 822685..ada juga nombor thailand 0066937199375..tolong Jangan tertipu. .macam mana nak hentikan mere ka?

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