Indian Reality TV Girl slaps and getting slapped!

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I don’t have much information about the show and its hosts/contestants but one thing for sure, It is not in Tamil or Malayalam. The following clip could be best presumed as what *might* happen when you are out with your super-modern-clubbing-hot-sexy-peter-akka girlfriend and both of you happened to argue in the public. Possibilities are there that she *might* bravely utter the F-word to you without taking into account the people that are surrounding you and to further add some salt into the wound, you shall be expecting a sudden-slap as well.

Moral value: Never fall for girls easily just because they are very hot, sexy, english-speaking and go to clubs often because you would never know what awaits you at the back. Oh and as usual, hatred comments by some Bangsar clubbing chicks are most welcomed!

Spot The Weird


Something is seriously wrong in the above picture (NST online news – 24th August 2008). Try to figure out what it could be and the first person to answer correctly would have the opportunity to fly to Kerala for 3 days and 2 nights and thus enjoying yourself chit-chatting with the Malayalees over there. So, any takers?

*Contest prize inspired by Abang Durai
*Contest prize sponsored by the infamous “Malaysian Malayalees” Friendster Group


A “Datukship”, RM300K and RM3000 pension

We all know that one of our Malaysian badminton player made it to get a silver medal for the Beijing Olympics 2008 and in return for his success, he will be getting a “Datukship”, RM300,000 as well as a RM3000 pension. I am proud of him, and we all should, since he played as a Malaysian, won as a Malaysian and came back as a Malaysian. All of us are Malaysians, aren’t we?

Now, one thing that keeps on bugging me is that the ‘award’ he received for his success in obtaining a silver medal. I won’t be saying that he should get less or he do not deserve to get a “Datuk” since I do not know the criterias in order to receive one, but when recalling with what ‘others’ had did, don’t you think those ‘others’ deserve at least, a better award? And, since there are a lot of ‘others’ in this country, I wish to streamline those ‘others’ to Malaysian Indians specifically!





Yet another racial slur? Pariah!


For those who does not know the meaning of ‘pariah’, here it is:

The word pariah, which can be used for anyone who is a social outcast, independent of social position, recalls a much more rigid social system, which made only certain people pariahs. The caste system of India placed pariahs, also known as Untouchables, very low in society. The word pariah, which we have extended in meaning, came into English from Tamil paaiyar, the plural of paaiyan, the caste name, which literally means “(hereditary) drummer” and comes from the word paai, the name of a drum used at certain festivals. The word is first recorded in English in 1613. Its use in English and its extension in meaning probably owe much to the long period of British rule in India.

So, by addressing us, the Malaysian Indians as ‘pariahs’, he is saying that WE ALL ARE LOW CLASS, REJECTED FROM THE SOCIETY as well as UNWANTED. Previously we had the phucktard teacher who uttered her racial slurs towards some Indian students, then some bunch of Malayalees talking cock in a discussion forum and now, a lawyer uttering the same racial slur? Yenda nainggela, yenggele parke kevelema irukka??

I really wish I could type something very long to express my anger and wrath towards this lawyer but on the other half, a “picture speaks a thousand words”!

Hence, here’s my pictorial reply: