Lovely Indian girls VS Furious Indian guys


Damn, it is kinda boring for not being bombarded with some hatred feedbacks for the past few weeks and I gotta say that life sucks without them! “Mind your own businesslar”, “You think you are better?”, “Stop stereotyping!”, “Puhhleassseeee lar!”. You name it! Oh my, I miss those commentators!

Anyhow, back to our topic today. So, what the title gotta say huh? Lovely Indian girls? Furious Indian guys? Well ladies and gentleman, according to facts, we are all living under the same umbrella called homosapiens and the only thing which segregates us apart would be race, religion and beliefs. To go further deeper, there would be those males, females and ‘aravanis’. Candidly, I do not know much about those ‘aravanis’ and their ‘mentality’, so it is better for me to put them aside for the time being.

Referring to the title again, “Lovely Indian girls” could be best described as how ‘lovely’ or how ‘rapat’ girls tend to be amongst themselves whilst “Furious Indian guys” could be best described as how ‘furious’ or how ‘ganas’ guys tend to be amongst themselves. No, I’m am neither talking about those gays nor am I referring to those lesbians. It is just among FRIENDS, yape, PLAIN FRIENDS!

I have friends, you have friends, your parents have friends and even some of your pets do consider you/us as a friend and vice-versa. What perplexes me is that why the interrelation of girls differs SOOO MUCH with those of guys? You see, in Friendster (sorry for interjecting Friendster over and over again. It happens to be a ‘life’ for some people out there), whenever I came across some profiles belonging to the girls, I would be attracted to their ‘comments’ section and there would be a high possibility of HER best girl friend posting a comment for her in her profile:

hey hawtie!…
you look hot babe!…
miss u loadxxx….
luv u so much dear…

Forget about those ‘decorations’ in those wordings. It is common for some girls to beautify their words in that way and I seriously have no idea what made them to think like that. Dear ladies and gentlemen, the previous sentence was made on purpose so that some hatred comments would be paving its way. Cheers!

So now, my question confusion is, why guys can’t be like that? Why guys can’t be lovely as those girls do? Stop! Before I proceed further, I am not saying that GUYS SHOULD BEHAVE LIKE THOSE GIRLS! NO! I’m just seeking some clarification here. Please note the difference. Seriously, I COULD NOT IMAGINE myself sending a message to my purported friend named Muthu in Friendster assuming that he is in overseas:

dei macha..
how are you dear?…
i miss u so much yar..
come back faster dear..
luv u.. muaxx!

The very following day, I would be getting a reply from him. Either:

a) Dei, unneku enna paitiyo pudichirukka? Poda velekene!
b) Macha, you turned to be a gay arh?
c) Macha, someone hacked your profile and is playing the fool with me.


The “SMS” language – A new revolution?


“Short Messaging System” or better known as SMS in its abbreviated format, is the current trend of how people are interacting to each other, besides emails and phones. Don’t worry guys, I won’t be bragging about “What is SMS” or “Who invented it” but instead, I would love to talk about its very own unique language.

I believe there is no specific name for this “SMS language” yet, hence throughout this post I shall be mentioning it as “SMS language”. For those who doesn’t know anything about it, well, it is the very same language in which “abbreviations talk louder than words” and the very same language which contributes to the deterioration of some of our school-going kids in doing well in their essays! Mind you kids, just because of a coz instead of because, it could make your whole sentence to be completely amiss!

Going back to our main topic, I won’t be going around and bashing people for using this SMS language as I would be using it myself. Now, let me stress this part. USING IT FOR THE PURPOSE OF SMSING! I stressed the previous sentence because lately, I have been bombarded with that language even when I’m using MSN Messenger and receiving messages from Friendster.

Gone were the days when “How are you” would eventually be shorten to “hw r u”. Now, it became even worse. “hru”. We could have sticked to that “hw r u” but I seriously have no idea why the hell it became shorter. Maybe that change is proving that human beings are becoming lazy and lazy as time goes by and hence the changes in the “SMS language”. Or maybe some might think that it would sound ‘cooler’ if they tend to use shortforms. You know, some idiots would just think like that!

In MSN Messenger, whenever I’m chatting with some of my e-peers, it is usual to receive messages which would take me some time to decode it into normal words and finally replying to that person. For instance, the “hru” as I mentioned above. I’m not the kind of person who loves to use shortforms nor am I well-versed in it, or should I say extreme-shortforms, so whenever I received some messages that I believe it was extremely-shorten for some reason, I won’t be saying anything else to that person besides “HUH?”. And, I won’t be expecting that person to think that my HUH is actually a shortform, in which if that person tends to decipher H, U and H separately into possible words-combination, I shall not be blamed! You see, how a simple conversation leads to confusion and lastly, ended with a ‘disconnection’ of both parties?

Now, let’s talk about Friendster, my favorite! In Friendster, some noobs even tend to use extreme-shortforms in such a way that you can’t understand what the other party is crapping about. For instance, this was a message that I happened to receive a few days back from a girl, whom I believe she is 15 years old but faked her age to be 18 in her profile (Ohh and not forgetting, she put a Namitha’s picture as her primary picture):

cn i gt 2 noe mr abt u?
pls add me.


Omnekutty, will you marry me?

I was bored. Since I was bored, I decided to dig some of my old posts incase of any follow-up arguments that I may have missed. The only post which made me to ‘dig’ further was the “Inter-racial minded Malaysian Indians” post. My hands were so damn itchy and I tend to be busybody at times, which made to trace back this Malayalam peeps and what they were up to currently. Surprisingly, I managed to sneak in to some of the “MALAYALEES ONLY!!!” groups in Friendster and out of a few which I went through, only this discussion topic caught my attention:


I believe you all could read the texts shown in the above picture. To summarise things up, what that fella is ‘worried’ about is that why Malayalee girls tend to seek their life partner from different ethnics, such as those of Tamils, Telugus and so forth instead of finding ‘within’ their ethnic? If you guys would have noticed, he kept on mentioning about “Indians guys…” and “mixed Indians…” which made me to wonder in which freaking category does Malayalam falls into? I thought Malayalee is a subset of “Indians” and so do Tamils, Telugus and etc. But for him, Malayalees and Indians are two different entities!

Alright, let’s pause that question for a while and we shall look at what our fellow Malayalees would have replied. Sad to say that nearly all the replies were boring, or should I say neutral replies as I was expecting them to bash those other ethnics for being whatever, whatever and whatever. Now, from that statement itself, I would be expecting some hatred comments saying that I’m poking fun at those Malayalees and ridiculing their so-called attitude. Whatever hoo-has it may be, just bring it!


Oops, I forgot to mention that I came across a biased reply! Just have a look at what our cechi has responded. According to her, ‘practically’ Malayalee girls and boys are fair and some of the Malayalee brothers and sisters are dark a bit. Seriously, I don’t understand a shit what she is crapping about. And, what she is trying to say here? Just because those Malayalee girls and boys are fair, does that mean that they should be destined together? Ohh and another thing cechi, it should be “point of view” and not “point of you” as you have mentioned in your post.

Indian mandes and their ‘belang-belang shirt’

While our Abang Durai couldn’t stop bashing some of those corrupted Indian girls, at the same ongoing pace, I couldn’t stop bashing those Indian mandes! I have already pin-pointed most of their *whatever* in life in some of my previous articles, in terms of their ‘activity’, their progress, their mentality and so forth, but I could not resist myself without posting this. Posting about what? Their official ‘dress’. Yape, you heard that right, their official ‘dress’!

When I’m talking about their ‘dress’, I won’t be stressing much on how they would dress up from top to bottom as it would take me hours to pin-point each one of them but instead, I would love to focus on one particular part of their attire, which is, their shirt!


I don’t know if there is any specific name for this kind of shirt but I would love to call it the belang-belang shirt. Should you have any specific name for it, please enlighten me on this. I believe some, or even most of you would have came across some group of karat kaigels hanging around and either one or two of them would be dressed up in this ‘belang-belang shirt’, and he would be the one that would be making hell lot of noises and portraying himself as the superior in a particular karat group. Furthermore, I have also seen some of the karat kaigels attending some wedding dinners and birthday parties dressed in that belang-belang shirt, accompanied with a lame NY cap and a pouch bag. Come on brothers, do you think by wearing like that, people would be afraid of you and respect you as a big-time mande? Or do you think by wearing like that, it portrays you as KARAT and LIGAT, in which even you can’t even define those two words comprehensibly? Or can you?

The thing that perplexes me is that, if only one or two person in a group wears the said shirt, then it’s fine. But, when there are other karat kaigels wearing the same kind of shirt in different-different groups, a new perception is raised! Oh, maybe only karat kaigels would be wearing that shirt! Oh, what If I wear that kind of shirt, would I be labeled as a karat kaige?