Malaysian Indian Schoolgirls Fight

I saw this video being posted in Facebook and thought of re-uploading it to Youtube and posting it here for those who haven’t seen it yet (my apologies if this video is way too old or too famous since I may have missed it out).

I am not sure why they are fighting or what caused them to behave in such a way but these girls gotta be so daring as they don’t even give a hoot about the presence of their teacher who can be seen standing helplessly in the midst of the fight. Although the audio is terrible, but there is one thing that I could constantly hear from those girls, which is none other than the usual punch dialogue of our ‘karat machans’. Note: The following spoiler image is somehow related. Kindly proceed to click on the “show hidden content” link.

If you are still imagining our schoolgirls being a ‘kuthre kuthu villakku’, well, think again.

“Semma” oru complaint against THR Raaga

As we all may know, THR Raaga is a revolutionized Tamil radio broadcast aimed at youngsters and those modern-minded individuals. Their all-time rival, Minnal.FM, used to be the sole Tamil radio broadcast those days until THR Raaga came into action and plunged Minnal.FM down the list. Ever since then, Minnal.FM has been labeled as ‘obsolete’ and they are no longer reckoned to be a ‘hit’ amongst the Malaysian Indians nowadays, as THR Raaga proved to be otherwise. It’s like comparing the Hallmark Channel with HBO; both serve the same purpose but one happens to be old-fashioned while the other is filled with fun. No offense in this.

A few weeks ago, THR Raaga introduced a new contest, in which the radio deejays would be calling some people randomly and the person who answered the call would have to say a sentence in order to win some cash. That sounds easy isn’t it? All the participants got to do is to send a text message to THR Raaga stating their name and IC number and if they are lucky enough, the next day they might be getting a call from the deejays.

As mentioned in Newton’s 3rd law, every actions would have its own reaction. The folks at Malaysia Hindu Sangam couldn’t help themselves but to come up with a press release by condemning THR Raaga regarding their latest contest. For more info, refer to the letter below.

Hindu Sangam

1) First and foremost, the sentence that the participants got to say when getting a call from THR Raaga is:

THR Raaga – Semma Hot-te, Semma Hit-te

If the folks at Malaysia Hindu Sangam managed to do some homework before coming up with a ‘press release’, they would have known that the sentence reads as “THR Raaga – Semma Hot-te, Semma Hit-te” and NOT “THR Raaga – Semma Hot-te, Semma Heat-te” as they wrote. If they wanted the sentence to be spelled in pure Tamil, the correct pronunciation would have been (rough guess):

Swamy Nithyananda Scandal?

UPDATE (7th March 2010): Swamy Nithyanandha’s Public Statement regarding the scandal



I am not sure how many of you are aware of the current ongoing scandal involving the infamous Swamy Nithyananda with a purported Tamil film actress. A video has recently surfaced showing our swamy lying on the bed, having a good time watching the television with a lady by his side, a lady who they claim is none other than actress Ranjitha! I won’t be elaborating on what the video is all about so please come up with your own imagination by going through the screenshots above. (It’s awfully disgusting watching a saint doing all those yo-yo acts)


Everyone seems to be confirming that the ‘swamy’ in that video is indeed, the swamy himself but no word of confirmation regarding the actress lady yet. Regardless of who she is, both of them are now in hot soup as the video had been broadcasted in Sun News (India) and currently spreading rapidly all over the world.