Rebranding Exercise

Started in 2007, had went through a lot of revamps and makeovers.

Long story short, I’ve decided to restart my blogging activities as I have a few things to share with you guys and looks like the need still arise for some of our makkals to be educated, the M1 way of-course.

As you can see, I’ve revamped this blog again and the current theme is set to look ‘minimalistic’. There are still a few more tweaks to be done here and there and I expect those work to be done in the next few days.

Until then, stay tuned!

Still Alive

As the title goes, closing down this blog had never even crossed my mind. I spent a lot of hard work in customizing this outdated theme to accommodate the latest version of WordPress and to date, I am still  using it for  a reason.

For those who are still sticking to this blog, thank you! I seriously miss those days when I would be posting an article every 3 ~ 4 days during the midnight and expect my regular commenters to read and taruk me for whatever shit that I am writing. Oh my, that was like 6 ~ 7 years ago. No FB shares, no FB likes and no massive promotions or what-so-ever. Those were the days.

As of now, I am planning to make this blog a multi-purpose blog. In layman’s term, instead of focusing on issues revolving Malaysian Indians alone, I shall be posting a lot of tips and tricks (for those in IT field), life and career tips and so on. But let me assure you that I won’t spam my blog with a lot of selfie shots of myself. I promise you that.

Cheers everyone.

Visiting Madam Talagawadi

Recently, we ( shared a post regarding Mdm Talagawadi who is in dire need of help to undergo her leg operation and thanks to all of you, the post was shared by many people and eventually grabbed many people’s attention.

We’ve managed to collect some funds needed to purchase the items listed above and one kind-hearted soul even donated RM680 so that we can use it to purchase the commode-wheelchair right away. The funds received exceeded our expectations so we decided to purchase whatever items that we are able to from the list above and handing over the balance money to Madam Talagawadi for her other needs. All the purchasing details and receipts will be posted in our SaiFund FB page for your kind perusal.

Bro Raajiv sponsored the dressing items whilst the rest were bought using the funds that we’ve managed to collect. Unfortunately, we had a tough time searching for ‘Lyrica’ as many pharmacies were kind of reluctant to sell the medicine and some even mentioned that they’ve never heard of  it.

It was Sunday (20th January 2013) when Bro Raajiv, Bro Uvaraj and myself drove all the way to Pandan Perdana to meet Madam Talagawadi and her caretaker(s). As usual, we lost our way but thanks to our GPS and to Madam Talagawadi, we reached there in an hour time after moving out from Sungai Buloh. (more…)

Becoming an Online Mande in Facebook

DISCLAIMER: is in no way affiliated with the FB Page Comedy Macha’s & Machi’s. Many people are thinking that I am owning that page whereby after I posted the article Becoming a Typical Facebook Meenachi, co-incidentally the FB page was opened by someone a few days after. Yeneiye summa utturengge pa, ungge tholle thangge mudille.

Apart from that, this post merely highlights what those 12 ~ 17 year old kids who are having too much of free time are doing nowadays. These kids aren’t gangsters, but are scumbags who don’t bother about their studies and families and self-proclaiming themselves to be some gang members. Seriously, real gangsters don’t do all this shit. They will keep a low-profile of themselves and would remain unnoticed most of the time.

After I posted the article Becoming a Typical Facebook Meenachi, I received a lot of personal messages from Meenachis asking on why I am being sexist and why I am focusing on Meenachis alone. These girls failed to understand that the article was not intended to ridicule girls in general but particularly those Meenachis who have been going around and tarnishing our community’s image with their retarded behaviour. That being said, here comes the Machans version.

Talking about Machans, there are many types of them. You can see one Machan wearing an XXXXL sized T-Shirt with 2pac in it (do they even know him?) accompanied with a skirt-alike baggy pants, another Machan who dresses casually and decently and last but not least, yet another Machan who would self-proclaim himself to be a punmande and can be seen wearing the same ‘belang-belang’ T-Shirt, a sidebag, a faded jeans and a pair of sandals every freaking week. Previously, I came up with an article on what kind of language/words these mandes would frequently use and this time, we shall see how could someone possibly become a mande in Facebook. Following are the prerequisites: (more…)